The Flute Player (1)

"Your test results have come back," the doctor said as soon as the door closed. I nervously looked at him, fidgiting.
"And?" My voice was barely audible. I watched him closely as he went behind his desk and to his files. I couldn't see anything in his eyes, his body language didn't suggest anything. I wanted him to hurry. I had a concert to perform in tonight, and I couldn't be late. One Direction was counting on me to play my flute with them.
"I'm sorry, Leah, but the results aren't good." The doctors eyes were sympathetic, and went on to explain the details. I didn't listen. From that moment on, I knew that the dream I was living would come to an end.


15. Persuaded

Leah's Point of View

I cleared up the breakfast dishes. We were home alone yet again. Jane had gone to work, so had my parents.

"Let me help," Niall came behind me as he put three plates filled with syrup from pancakes into the sink.

"You don't have to, Niall," I argued. "I can do it."

"No. I don't want you to treat me special because I'm famous. It's an easy trap to fall into though, sometimes my wife, Amber, even does the same thing. But I didn't come here to get a slave, I came here to get a flute player... and a friend." Niall looked me in the eye and started filling the sink with water.

"We have a dishwasher," I told him and turned off the tap and opened the dishwasher. "If you can clear the table, I'll pack."

"Sounds good," Niall replied and started clearing. I shook my head as I rinsed the sryup from the white plates. Never in my dreams had I ever thought I'd tell Niall Horan what to do! Niall came back with a few more dishes, and I put them in the dishwasher. Within minutes we were done.

"Thanks for helping, Niall," I thanked as I closed the dishwasher. I wasn't going to put it on since it only had the breakfast dishes in it.

"Anytime, Leah." Niall smiled at me. We stood in the kitchen for a few more minutes before Louis came in tapping his watch.

"Niall!!! There you are, buddy! Paul asked if we wanted to do some charity work, and we all agreed. We're going to go to the local hospital and say 'hi' to all the sick kids, sign a few things, take pictures."

"Sounds like fun!" Niall enthusiasticly said as he headed towards Louis and left me alone in the kitchen. Part of me was sad. I wouldn't be spending the day with the boys anymore.... I'd be home alone... alone with my flute.

"Hey, Leah." I jumped to the sound of Harry's voice.

"Harry! You scared me!" I put my hand to my chest to feel my heartbeat.

"Sorry, but the boys and I were wondering if you wanted to come back to the hotel with us as we get ready, and then maybe come to the hosptial with us?" His voice sounded hopefuly. I thuoght for a few minutes. I really didn't like hospitals at all. The smell of hand sanitizer was all around the hospital, and everything was perfectly clean. I didn't exacly enjoy them at all.

"Please???" Harry pleaded. "Then we can show you off as part of our band."

I thuoght for a few more minutes, looking deeply into Harry's eyes. "Okay, fine. I'll go."

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