The Flute Player (1)

"Your test results have come back," the doctor said as soon as the door closed. I nervously looked at him, fidgiting.
"And?" My voice was barely audible. I watched him closely as he went behind his desk and to his files. I couldn't see anything in his eyes, his body language didn't suggest anything. I wanted him to hurry. I had a concert to perform in tonight, and I couldn't be late. One Direction was counting on me to play my flute with them.
"I'm sorry, Leah, but the results aren't good." The doctors eyes were sympathetic, and went on to explain the details. I didn't listen. From that moment on, I knew that the dream I was living would come to an end.


8. In the Closet part 2

Harry's Point of View

"Owww! Louis, don't poke me!" I whispered as I tried to find the finger that was poking me.

"It wasn't me... I promise!" Louis exclaimed and then made a howling noise.

"Very funny, Louis," I responded. Suddenly we heard the front door open, and then slam shut. A bag was thrown at the front door, and the footsteps came into the room. I couldn`t see a thing, only pitch black, darkness. It bothered me.

There was rattling, and then the beautiful, unmistakable sound of the flute filled the space. This girl had a way of making boring scales sound pretty. We listened for a few more minutes, but then I had an itch. I couldnt reach it. I eventually did though.... but it made a large noise. Suddenly the flute playing stopped, and we heard Leah look around, but then she eventually continued with the scales.

A few minutes later she started playing some classical music... we were supposed to wait until she played Moments but then we all smelt the unmistakable smell of Nialls fart. Liam opened the door, and we all piled out.

Leah turned around, startled. She was speachless, but the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Her eyes as blue as the sea were alert, and her auburn hair complemented her complextion perfectly, even if it was tied up in a pony tail. She was thin, and short.

It took her a few moments to respond, enough time for me to completely look at her. My conclusion was, that was was stunning and beautiful. I had never seen a girl like her before.

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