The Flute Player (1)

"Your test results have come back," the doctor said as soon as the door closed. I nervously looked at him, fidgiting.
"And?" My voice was barely audible. I watched him closely as he went behind his desk and to his files. I couldn't see anything in his eyes, his body language didn't suggest anything. I wanted him to hurry. I had a concert to perform in tonight, and I couldn't be late. One Direction was counting on me to play my flute with them.
"I'm sorry, Leah, but the results aren't good." The doctors eyes were sympathetic, and went on to explain the details. I didn't listen. From that moment on, I knew that the dream I was living would come to an end.


41. Having Fun

Leah's Point of View

I woke up to a strange sensation. My head was elevated, as if on a pillow, but a rock hard one. My eyes fully opened, and I turned my head to see Harry careingly look into my eyes.

"Hello, Beautiful," he told me.

"Hey Harry," I sleepily moaned and sat up, taking my head off of his lap.

"Just in time, we're going to go on air in about fifteen minutes to sing Moments. You up to that?"

"Umm..." I yawned, stretching my arms out. "I guess. I'll just need to redo my hair and makeup..." I thought in horror of how bad I must have looked.

"No, it's fine," Harry assured me, and took my now-bruised hand.

"Honestly, Harry?" I leaned in and kissed his cheek. I stood up, and pulled him up as well. "How's the program doing?"

"It's going great!" Harry quickly replied as he jumped up. "Everyone who's phoning in says it's a great idea! They are all saying get well soon to you, too!"

"Aww..." Tears suddenly clogged my throat. "I thought everything was saying I was some kind of joke or something after my first performance. I thought I was hated because I was with One Direction, living a girl's dream.

"Here." Harry gave me a huge hug, and lifted me off the ground, making me squeal. Next, he started spinning us around, making my skirt flare up.

"Haaarrrryyyy!" I screamed, making my voice hoarse. "Put me doooooooowwwwnnnnn!" I really hoped no one decided to come in and see what all the camotion was.

"Fine." After two full  minutes, he put me down, and I fell to the ground. He laughed at me. "That was fun."

"For you maybe," I let him help me up, and then attempted to walk to the door. I walked terribly crooked, and all Harry could do was laugh at me.

"You try walking in a straight line," I challenged.

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