Life as Liam's sisters


4. chapter 4

nicole's pov- I was checking twitter and all of a sudden i get a DM from Sammi and all I could think of was OMG she's gonna kill me. So I read it and all I did was yell. Liam and Harry looked at my laptop and said "Oh my god". Harry held me close and I started to cry.

"Its gonna be ok."


"Yes I promise."

"Harry I dont feel good." Then I fainted right there in his arms. All I remember is Harry yelling for Liam.

Harry's pov- She said "I dont feel good." She just passed out in my arms. "Liam Get Over Here Now." We got in to the car and drove to the hospital. We had our body gaurds there. Cause I knew she was gonna find out and try to hurt her and I cant let her get hurt. Shes everything I have ever wanted. Shes too perfect for me but I love her for her not some one she isn't.

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