Life as Liam's sisters


3. Chapter 3

Nicole's pov- Why did Zayn have to dare Harry to make out with me? I got changed into sweatpants tank top and my favorite sweatshirt. I brought my favorite blanket and pillow down stairs. I then curled up on the couch and fell asleep.
•next morning•
I woke up at about noon.
"Where are the guys?"
"Somewhere in the house."
"Im going to back to sleep in my room if anyone is looking for me."
"Ok." So about 2hours later I woke up to people talking in my room.
"Oh did we wake you up?"
"No, well I am going down to the kitchen to get something to eat." I got to the kitchen and made a ham and cheese sandwich. Then I asked everyone if they wanted to go swimming but Becca, El, and Sammi had to go home and go somewhere. So it was just me chloe and the boys. I changed in to my black and blue swim suit. Then I grabbed a towel, and ran down stairs and got into the pool.

Harry's pov- So I was talking to Liam in his room which happens to be right next to Nicole's room. She asked everyone if they wanted to go swimming. Everyone did but the other three girls had to go. So she got into the pool.
"Hey Liam."
"Yeah Haz'."
"Why do you have a room so close to Nicole's?"
"Its a really long story."
"Can you please tell me?"
"Last year she dated this really mean guy that abused her both mentally and physically. One day he found her here in her closet crying. Then he stabbed her in the stomach. I was calling for her and I knew she was here at home I found her on the floor with blood surrounding her. I then had her in the room next to mine. "
"Holy crap that carrot cat mirror food stealing doofus." Then I got changed in my swimming trunks. And I ran down stairs and and jumped in the pool. She got out and and went to her room. I followed her and heard her crying. I knocked on her door "Nicole can I please come in?"
"Why are you crying?"
"I don't know Im upset."
"Every thing people saying Im not worth it some times i wish I could die."
"No! You are worth it, you are perfect too me and you shouldn't die." I got Chloe, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis to go to her room, I grabbed a bucket of ice cream and 6 spoons and a fork. Also I got the Twilight series. When i got back she was in shorts and a tank top. Then we all sat on her bed and began to eat the ice cream. During the movie Liam's phone went off he went in to his room to answer his phone. Then all of a sudden I heard his phone dropped.

Liam's pov- My phone went off during the movie I went into my room to answer.
"Hello is this Liam Payne?"
"Im sorry to inform you but your parents died in a serious car accident."
"Ok." I dropped my phone and started too cry. Chlo and Nikki came in and gave me a hug.
"Whats wrong?"
"Ummm.... Mum and dad died in a car accident."
"What are we going to do now?"
"Well make the best of it till graduation."
"Graduation isn't for another 2weeks."
"I know, I wanna tryout for X-factor."
"You should tryout as a group."
"What should we sing?"
"How 'bout How to save a life by the fray."
"The auditions aren't until the week after graduation."
"We need to practice the song now." Oh my god we only have a few weeks till our audition.
~6 months Later~
The winner is OneDirection.

Nicole's pov- They won they were the best band in the whole wide world. I called Harry.
"Hey Harry."
"Hey babe."
"You did amazing."
"You watched?"
"Yeah I watched and voted."
"When are you guys coming home?"
" a few days."
"Whats up?"
"Nothing really."
"Ok I gotta go."
"Bye." What is his problem? Then I texted Liam:
N: hey Liam
L: Yeah sis?
N: Whats wrong with Haz'?
L: Idk y?
N: He sounded sad or upset
L: Well I think he misses you
N: Can u ask him whats wrong?
L: Yeah
N: Thanks when are you coming home?
L: Tomorrow I think ok :)
N: Text me in the morning k when you find out
L: K bye
N: Bye
I went to sleep, a few hours later my bedroom light came on.
"Who is it?"
"Me who?"
"Harry." I jumped up and gave him a hug.
"Ive missed you so much."
"Were you crying?"
"I thought you were mad at me."
"No I was never mad at you." I turned the light off and laid back down with Harry. He had his arm protectively around me.

Harrys pov- I got to Liam's house and surprised Nicole. She turned off her bedroom light and laid back down I was about to go back down stairs but she begged me to come back to her room. Liam would be really mad at me but we didn't do any thing we would regret. It was the week of Christmas and I got her something she would love it.

Chloe's pov- I was at home sleeping on the couch because I was watching movies down stairs. Then Niall shook me awake. I jumped up and gave him the biggest hug.
"Ive missed you like crazy."
"Me too."

Liam's pov- I got home and Sammi was here.
"Hey Li."
"Where are you Sammi?"
"In your room."
"Liam please come here?"
"Please don't date Sammi."
"Why Nikki?"
"Shes the one who called me those mean names and she said i wasn't worth it." I yelled at Sammi "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!"
"Why what have I done?"
"You know what you did too my sister and you can not deny it."
"Fine Im leaving and don't ever call over here again." I was really upset at Sammi for not telling me what she done to my sister.

Sammi's pov- I cant believe that she told him. That dumb fudge bag. He yelled at me and told me to get out of his house. I wrote him a note that said " I hope you love your life with your parents dead and your sisters scarred for life. Sign Sam <3"
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