Life as Liam's sisters


2. Chapter 2

Harry's pov- So I was here at Liam's house I think that his sister Nicole is the most beautiful girl in the world. But I was hoping that Nicole was going to answer the door.
"We're her Liam!" I yelled.
"Ok give me a minute!" He yelled back. I looked upstairs and Nicole was running down the stairs she landed on me.
"Oh my gosh I am so sorry Harry."
"Its ok."
"Hey Nicole can I ask you something?"
"Yeah sure."
"Will you be my girl friend?"
"Of course."

Nicole's pov- I love Harry I cant believe he asked me to be his girlfriend.
"Hey the girls are here!" Liam yelled. I ran outside and yelled. The girls asked what was going on?
"He asked me out."
"Who's here?"
"My brother, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall."
"Ok. Where are we sleeping?"
"Living room the boys are in the basement." We walked in and threw the stuff on the floor.

Liam's pov- "Hey dinners ready!" I yelled in to the living room. Niall and Chloe came running in to the kitchen.
"Ohhhh whats for dinner?" Nicole asked.
"Yay." She replied grabbing a slice. After we all ate we were really tired so we changed in to our pajamas. I changed into gray sweatpants. All I heard was "Holy crap." From Sammi. Maybe she said that because I wasn't wearing a shirt.

Zayn's pov- Oh my shes here my crush. Her name is Becca. So after dinner I got changed into my blue and green plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt. This is the best sleepover in the whole wide world.
"Who wants to play truth or dare?"
"I do." Everyone said at the same time.
"I go first, Harry truth or dare?"
"I dare you to make out with Nicole for 5 minutes."
-After they made out and the game-

Sammi's pov- I cant believe that Nicole and Chloe never told me who was coming to the sleepover. I know my crush lives here but I thought he wasn't going to be here. I got changed in to my blue sweatpants and red long sleeve shirt.

Eleanor's pov- Im scared my crush was going to be here too. Oh well I'll live for a couple of days. So I changed in to my pink t-shirt and purple shorts. Then I saw Louis in red pajama pants and a blue long sleev shirt.
"Hey Louis."
"Would you like to go on a date with me?"

Louis's pov- Eleanor just asked me out. She is so nice why would she want to go on a date with me? Im not mean but I'm really immature.

Becca's pov- So Zayn is the guy I have a huge crush on. I ate 3 peices of pizza then went to change into a purple tank top and black sweatpants.
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