Life as Liam's sisters


1. Chapter 1

Nicole's pov-
I am one of Liam Payne's younger sisters. I have long brown hair and eyes, I am also 5'6". We are all still in high school. Im madly in love with Harry Styles. Omg he is the nicest guy I know other than my brother.

Chloe's pov- I am the youngest of three kids. I have blonde hair and brown eyes also, I am 5'3". I am madly in love with Niall Horan. He is really nice.

Liam's pov- Why am I the oldest? Theres nothing wrong with being the oldest. I am 5'10" I have light brown hair and brown eyes. Im having 4 friends spending the night tonight. I am madly in love with Sammi.
"Hey Nicole, Chloe can you please come here?" "Yeah." They said as they ran down stairs.
"So Im having some friends over tonight."
"Can we have some friends over tonight too?"
"Yeah sure."

Chloe's pov- I know exactly who to invite to the sleep over. Becca, Sammi, and Eleanor.
"Liam, where are you and the boys sleeping?"
"In the basement."
"Ok we're in the living room." I heard knocking at the door, I jumped up and answered the door. Four teenage boys like literally ran me over. I just realized that Niall stopped and helped me up.
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