Love At First Song

Carly and Ashley are two best friends from Houston,Texas.They live with Carly's brother,Alex.Carly and Ashley love the british-irish boyband One Direction and are sad when they cant get tickets to see one of their concerts but when they go visit Alex's best friend,David,in the UK they might get to meet their fave band.


1. First Listen

Carly and Ashley were sitting in Carly's room talking."Carly do you know that band One Direction?"asked Ashley. "No, who are they?"Carly asked. "I'll show you one of their songs on Youtube"said Ashley

Ashley played "Little Things" on Youtube and showed it to Carly."Their my favourite band"Ahsley said."This song is great!They seem like a good band.What was their name again Ashley?"Carly said after listening to the song."One Direction"responded Ashley. "Great,im gonna look them up on Youtube later"Carly said. "Carly I think i'll go now"Ashley shouted,"See you tomorrow".

Ashley went out the door and got in her black convertible car and went home.Carly checked her hair and makeup in a mirror.She had dark black hair and big blue eyes.She then went and played some more One Direction songs on Youtube.She listened to the songs What Makes You Beautiful,One Thing,Live While Were Young,Kiss You,and Little Things.She heard all their other songs.

She went to talk to her brother."Hey Alex!"she yelled. "Hi Carly"he responded. "Guess what?"Carly asked Alex. "What happened?". "Ashley told me about this band called One Direction,and I think their a good band!" she screamed. "Oh great!"said Alex,"You should go to sleep now,its getting late". "Ok night" said Carly

Carly went to bed.She couldnt sleep at all so she just layed there until she finally fell asleep.
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