Today Is Here

Today is here make the most of ikt. You never know what tomorrow may bring.


1. Today

Today is here

For us to begin

So we can see

The things of the world


Be there for one another

Stand by as needed

Show love and respect

Never walk away


The children are playing

See the smiles

How happy they are

Just to be playing


No hurry

No worry

No pain

No sorrow


Just be who you are

Be proud of yourself

Watch the beauty

All around you


Birds are flying

Flowers are blooming

Trees stand tall

Shade it gives us


When winter comes

Snow all around

A blanket to warm us

As we toast


Today is here

tomorrow is gone

Our future will stay

and we will play


The sun comes up

the night will be here

The leaves will rustle

Another day will be here


The ship will sail

The waves will be high

The plane flying high

As we go through the clouds


Today is here

It is mine

I see the sun

I feel the light


The moon is out

Shining bright

As I watch the stars

They sparkle


The sky is like velvet

As the moon shines on

You will make me yours

Today is mine








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