Forever & Always

The J Sisters were an abnormal bunch. They're constantly having to move because of five men who want them dead. After the five girls fell in love with the One Direction boys, they face a lot of challenges together. The girls swear to not tell a soul about their deepest darkest secret except for the five men who already know what they are.
Enjoy(: xx


3. You Found Me

  We got off the plane and called a taxi. We were in the car for a half an hour before arriving at my house. Jasmine and Jordan were staying the night and going home tomorrow. After we settled, Jasmine got on her computer and logged into Twitter. Her jaw dropped.

  "What?" We all questioned. "J-J-Juliet." Jasmine stuttered. "You're trending on twitter." She finally managed to say. "Harry put a video of what happened yesterday between you two and is asking for fans to find you." She said.

I said nothing. The feeling of kissing the curly haired boy was filling my mind. I could think of nothing else. Just Harry. Harry.

  "Juliet?" The four girls screamed.

Harry. I actually fell over before realizing where I was and who I was with. I started whimpering. The girls looked concerned.

  "I-I-I.." I stuttered.

My heart was pounding. My head was racing. My emotions were everywhere. I jumped up and grabbed my keys.

  "Where are you going?" The girls yelled after me.

Jordan jumped up and followed me, telling the girls over text that she would keep me out of trouble. We jumped in my car and drove downtown.

  "Why are we going down town?" Jordan asked. "Harry wants me found, which means he wants me, which means he is going through the same feelings I am. If we walk downtown, fans will recognize me and Harry will find me." I was sure this would work. She nodded.

We parked at my great grandmother's house down the road from the town center. We walked there and sat on a bench in the middle. Girls had their cameras out taking pictures. It worked. I smiled. Jordan pulled up Twitter on her phone and checked Harry's Twitter.

  "He knows." She said relieved. I smiled. "He knows." I repeated to myself. "Ready to go?" I asked Jordan. She nodded. "Satisfied?" She asked. "Very." I replied.

We got up as girls continued taking pictures and walked back to my car. We got in, and drove home. Jordan checked Twitter again.

"He's on his way." She laughed.

I smiled as my emotions went crazy again. I was laughing, smiling, yelling, crying, everything. I just wanted him.

  "Juliet, if you get together, he and everyone else can't know what you are. What we are. Can you love him and keep a secret from him?" Jordan asked. I nodded regretfully. "If you get married in the future, then you can tell him and only him." She laughed. I laughed with her. "Are you going to run away from him when he gets here?" Jordan asked me. I shook my head. "When will he be here?" I asked. "In a day or two. Remember, we are in a different country, meaning he's not gonna be here right away." She explained. "I understand. I'm just really excited." I said. "He said he'll let everyone know when he gets here. He also added that if you read this, he is finding you on Twitter and is going to follow you so he can direct message you where to meet him." She explained. I nodded. When we got home, I got a notification that @Harry_Styles is now following you on Twitter. A few minutes later I got a direct message from him saying where to meet him tomorrow.

  "Should I answer saying 'okay' and a smiley face?" I asked the girls. "I wouldn't. I would keep him wondering whether or not you're going to meet him or not." Jedda said. "Okay. I'll try it. If he asks if I'm coming then I'll answer." The girls agreed.

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