Forever & Always

The J Sisters were an abnormal bunch. They're constantly having to move because of five men who want them dead. After the five girls fell in love with the One Direction boys, they face a lot of challenges together. The girls swear to not tell a soul about their deepest darkest secret except for the five men who already know what they are.
Enjoy(: xx


13. This Can't Happen

  "She's a witch." I laughed trying to avoid that Juliet was about to die. "I wish I had believed her and trusted her and stayed out of this." I said. "Do you hear that?" Zayn asked us. We nodded. It was yelling. It was the girls yelling. "The girls." Niall said in disbelief. "What language is that?" Louis asked. We shrugged. The yelling grew louder. "Do you think that could be a witchy spell?" Liam asked. I nodded. "Boys. Try to untie yourselves. We've got to help them." I ordered as I attempted to untie my wrists. The boys nodded. After a minute of trying, it was actually quite easy to untie, I untied myself and helped the other boys. When we were good, we opened the door and stepped out. It looked like a big tornado. It was unbelievable. The girls were yelling gibberish stuff that we didn't know the meaning of. Juliet looked over at us.

  "Run!" She yelled before continuing the spell.

We didn't move. We weren't going anywhere without them. We looked around the corner to see the five men struggling on the floor, trying to regain their feet. They failed.

Something was happening. The house was shaking. I closed my eyes scared of what was happening. When I reopened them, I was standing in front of a crowd in London.

The boys were thanking the fans for the awards. I shook my head. I looked around and I was being stared at by the boys.

  "Would you like to add something Harry?" Liam asked me while handing me the microphone. "I just wanna say thank you. It really means a lot." I said. I gave the microphone back to Liam. I looked around to find Juliet. I didn't see her. I skimmed the edge of the crowd with my eyes but didn't see her. That couldn't have been a dream. The boys were walking off the stage as I still stood there confused. A security guard came and pushed me in the direction of my tour bus. I climbed aboard and sat on the couch. I rubbed my temples.

  "What the fuck?" I said to myself.

The tour bus started to move.

  "Harry?" A female voice called from the tour bus bedroom.

I got up confused and made my way into the room. I stood there before Juliet.

  "Juliet." I said relieved. "Harry." She laughed. "I had this crazy dream. It felt so real. I could've sworn I was living it." I explained. She was smiling. "It wasn't a dream." She laughed. I looked at her confused.
We sat down on the tour bus couch for hours talking about everything that had happened.

  "So you're a witch. For real?" I asked. She laughed and nodded. "I almost ruined our relationship by not trusting you." I said in disbelief. "Juliet, I'm so sorry. I should've known better." I told her. "It's okay. All that matter is that we're both fine and together." She assured me. I smiled and then remembered about the other girls. "The other girls!" I yelled while getting up and freaking out. She got up after me and wrapped me in her arms.

  "What happened to the other girls?" I whimpered. "Their damaged but okay." She told me. "What about your cuts. How are they?" She asked. "Not right now. Where are the girls?" I questioned. "Their on the other boys' your buses." She said. I walked to the tour bus driver and told her to tell the other buses to stop and meet us somewhere. She did so. when we stopped, I jumped off the bus and ran to the others. I jumped on the bus behind me to check on Jedda who was with Zayn. She was okay. The third bus was Liam and Jiana. Jiana was okay. The fourth bus was Jordan and Niall. Jordan was fine. I checked on the last one, Juliet best me to it, which was Jasmine and Louis. Jasmine didn't look good.

  "Jasmine." I whispered. I bent down next to her. Juliet rubbed my back, hoping to comfort me. I looked back at Juliet.

  "She's not gonna die is she?" I whispered to Juliet. "We don't know. It's been over 24 hours and she hasn't gotten all her magic back. We're praying." She said while starting to cry. I stood up and held her tight.

  "This can't happen." I told myself.

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