Forever & Always

The J Sisters were an abnormal bunch. They're constantly having to move because of five men who want them dead. After the five girls fell in love with the One Direction boys, they face a lot of challenges together. The girls swear to not tell a soul about their deepest darkest secret except for the five men who already know what they are.
Enjoy(: xx


6. Making Memories

The girls and I had just left the restaurant. We called a taxi and they picked us up. On the way home, we discussed what had happened.

  "We were just sitting there. I cuddled up next to Harry while he put his arms around me. I was just looking around while I saw the man." I explained. "Did he see you?" Jiana asked nervously. "I don't know . I know he saw Harry because when I got back in the restaurant, I saw the man walking towards Harry and he got up and ran inside." I stated. "They know we're here. We must leave." Jordan whimpered. I shook my head. "No. We just can't leave. Not with what relationships we have created. No." I cried. "We have too. We must keep moving. We must move on. Even if that means leaving the boys behind. Nobody but us and the five men know what we are. It needs to stay that way." Jiana said.

I started crying. I couldn't just leave Harry.

  "We all must ignore the calls and texts from the boys. They can't know anything." Jordan ordered.

This made my eyes explode with tears. I love Harry. I can't do that. I've loved him since I was 12 years old when I first found out about his band. I can't just ditch him.

  "I'm sorry girls, but I just can't do that." I simply stated.

The four girls looked at me. The taxi driver looked startled. When we arrived at our house we immediately started packing our belongings. We got numerous calls and texts from the boys. We didn't answer. It killed me not to answer Harry. After we had packed, we gave our goodbyes to our mom and dad, while Jordan called her mom and dad and told them good bye as Jasmine did the same. We called a cab, so we didn't have to take one of our vehicles, and we drove to the airport. We boarded the plane and found our seats.

  "Next stop, Paris." Jasmine said excitedly.

The four girls started laughing as I just looked out the window and imagined Harry to be sitting next to me. When I looked over, I was disappointed. It was just am empty seat. Jiana and Jasmine sat together while Jedda and Jordan sat together. Once and a while they'll ask if I'm alright. I just nod my head and hide the pain. They knew what I was going through because they had to do it too. We all left someone very special behind. I checked my phone because I hadn't checked it since we left the house. 27 messages from Harry and 18 missed calls from Harry. I looked at some of the messages. 'Are you okay?' Several said. 'Where are you?' Several more said. 'Why did you girls leave?' A few said. The last
one I checked read: 'I love you Juliet. No matter where you go or how far you are. I'll love you forever and always.' I bursted out into tears and whimpers. The girls kept asking if I was okay. I showed them the text. They looked at me with a look saying 'We're sorry.' I ignored it. I snatched my phone and turned to face the window. I sat like that for the whole plane ride. We got off the plane and I immediately texted Harry back: 'I love you.' Within a minute he called.

  "Do I answer?" They nodded. I answered. "Juliet! Where are you!? Are you okay!? Juliet I love you!" He yelled through the phone. "I love you too." I answered. "Are you okay? Where are you?" He asked. "I'm fine, I'm with the girls." The girls were listening. I whispered to them: "what do I say?" "You're in a different country." They whispered back. "I'm in a different country." I said into the phone. "What country are you in?" He asked. "I can't tell you that. It's for your safety." "Juliet, please. I need to see you." Harry begged. "No Harry. You can't." I said regretfully. "Please Juliet. Please." He was breaking my heart. "I love you Harry. You mustn't know. It's for your safety." I was crying now. We called a French taxi right after we got off the plane. It was here now. "I'm sorry. I have to go. I love you Harry." I cried as I got in the cab. "I love you Juliet." Was all he said before I hung up the phone. The girls tried to comfort me. It didn't work.

  "What did she say Harry?" Louis asked nervously after I came out of my hotel room. We were all lounging around in Louis' room.

  "They're in a different country. Juliet wouldn't tell me which one. She said it was for my safety." I explained.

The boys looked broken. Of course they did. I'm sure the girls were too. I had to find out which country so I could find them.

  "C'mon boys." I ordered. "Where are we going." Liam asked. "Juliet's parents house. They must know where they went." I said as I left Louis' room and got my car keys.

I walked back out of my room to find the boys in the hallway, ready to go.

  "Let's go." I said. We left the hotel and drove to Juliet's parents house. We arrived after about 15 minutes and we rang the doorbell. Her mom answered the door.

  "Boys," she started with a smile, "what can I do for you?" She asked us while inviting us in and directing is to the living room.

  "We need to know where the girls went." I stated. "Oh, well I'm sorry boys but they told me not to tell anyone. I'm sorry." "Please. We have to find them. We love them. Please tell us." I begged.

She examined our facial expressions. She could tell we really did love them. She nodded.

  "Only because I trust you boys. They went to Paris." She sighed.

She walked over to the granite countertop and picked up a piece of paper. She handed it to me.

  "Here's where they're staying. But you need to hurry. They might not be there for too long." The woman said before pushing us out the doorway. "Good luck boys." She said while closing the the door. We jumped in my car and drove to the nearest airport.

After the girls and I got to the hotel we're staying at, I went in one of two rooms we had, flopped on a bed and slept for hours. The other girls were socializing in the other room. I awoke from a knock on the door. It wasn't the girls because they have a key. I got up and looked through the peep hole, just to make sure it wasn't one of the five men. It was Harry. I smiled as I opened the door.

  "How did you find us?" I laughed as he hugged me. "Your mom." He joked. We both laughed. "Are the other boys here too?" I questioned. He nodded. I smiled and kissed him. "Now what were you trying to keep me safe from?" He asked me. My smile quickly turned into a frown. "It's nothing you need to be concerned about." "Juliet." Harry said before I got up from cuddling with him on the couch. "Harry. Please. It's nothing that needs to be said." "Then show me." He dared. I shook my head. He got up and hugged me. "You can trust me." He whispered into my ear. I broke the hug. "It's not about trust. It's about you and the boys' safety." I said as I stepped out of the room and into the hallway. I knocked on the room door that the girls and boys were in. Niall opened it.

  "Girls, I need to talk to you in the hallway please." I said as I stepped back into the hallway. They followed me out. "We have to go." I whispered. "Why?" They asked. "Trust me." They nodded and we snuck down the hallway and got in an elevator. We made our way to the parking lot before we realized we were being followed.

  "One of the five." I whispered. We all ran to a truck we borrowed and got the hell out of there.

  "Wait, the boys!" "Jordan yelled. Our eyes widened. I'm glad we borrowed a big truck. Jiana turned the truck around and I called Harry.

  "Harry. Get the boys and meet us in the lobby." I yelled into the phone. I hung up before he could answer. I jumped out of the car and told the other girls to stay. The boys were in the lobby. As soon as they saw me, they came running.

  "C'mon." I yelled. We all jumped in the truck. "What the hell is going on!?" Niall yelled. The girls and I said nothing as we drove. Harry grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

  "Just trust them." He said to the boys. I looked at him with a look saying 'I love you'. He gave the same look back. The boys nodded. After almost an hour of silence, we arrived at the Eiffel Tower.

"Enjoy yourselves." Was all Jiana said before getting out and finding Liam. The five men wouldn't expect us to go somewhere so public. I found Harry after we all got out of the truck and I hugged him.

 "C'mon." Harry said as he grabbed my hand and directed me to a bench. We sat there and watched all the happy couples make memories. We couldn't help but smile at it.

  "How about we go make memories." I said standing up. Harry got up after me and nodded. We walked toward the tower and took a picture of us with the tower. After we took the picture, Harry started messing with his phone.

  "What are you doing?" I asked him. He smiled. A minute later I got a notification on my phone. I unlocked it and Harry kissed my cheek because of my wallpaper which was him. The notification brought me to Twitter. When it loaded, I saw that he tweeted the picture of us and the Eiffel Tower saying "My Juliet<3". I retweeted and favorited it.

  "That was sweet." I said while saving the picture. He watched as I went into my photos and changed my wallpaper to that picture. He smiled and changed his too. I saw that his home screen wallpaper was me sleeping. I laughed.

  "Now when did you get that?" I smiled. "Last night." He laughed. We walked back over to the bench and sat down. We waited until the others finished making memories and we left. We went back to the hotel and packed our stuff. We had to find another hotel.

  "How do the men keep finding us?" I asked Jordan. She shrugged her shoulders.

  "How about you girls stay at my stepdad's bungalow? It's pretty hidden. You'd be able to hide from these 'men' you're running from." Harry suggested. We agreed and the whole car ride was nothing but listening to the boys sing. We definitely enjoyed that.

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