Forever & Always

The J Sisters were an abnormal bunch. They're constantly having to move because of five men who want them dead. After the five girls fell in love with the One Direction boys, they face a lot of challenges together. The girls swear to not tell a soul about their deepest darkest secret except for the five men who already know what they are.
Enjoy(: xx


4. Glad To See You Again

 Harry told me where to meet him and that he brought the other boys. I asked him if I could bring my friends to hang out with them and he said yes. As of right now, all the members were single. We were meeting around noon. Harry invited us to have lunch at a restaurant in our town that we didn't know existed. It was fancy. We all walked in to find five boys sitting at a table with ten seats. I heard them talking about being nervous. We walked over and I sat in front of Harry, Jordan sat in front of Niall, Jedda sat in front of Zayn, Jasmine sat in front of Louis, and Jiana sat in front of Liam. They greeted each other with smiles and handshakes while Harry and I exchanged flirty looks and I kissed him on the cheek. I was the first to talk.

  "I'm sorry for running Harry. I was just scared." I apologized. "It's okay. I enjoyed chasing you. Plus, of you hadn't have ran, I would've thought you were like every other fan and simply ignored you. I'm glad you ran because I wouldn't be sitting here looking at you like I am." I smiled and giggled. I watched as Harry laughed at my giggles.

The other eight at the table were talking, smiling, laughing, and enjoying everything. When the waiter came and asked us what we wanted, I said I wasn't hungry. Harry insisted that I eat something but I refused.

  "I'd rather sit here with you all and enjoy everything and be happy for once." I smiled while looking at Harry. "Actually," Harry started, "cross my order off, I'd rather take Juliet somewhere instead." He said while smiling at me. "Do you mind if I take Juliet off your hands?" Harry asked the girls. "No, no go ahead!" They all cheered.

I laughed and followed Harry towards the restaurant's exit to be stopped by a boy about my age.

  "Juliet." He said.

When he looked at me, I thought he was staring into my soul with these bright blue eyes.

  "Oh. Hi." I said regretfully.

I should've ignored him and walked away. Harry had this disappointing look on his face that broke my heart.

  "Don't worry about it. It's nothing. We're nothing." I explained to Harry. "I'll wait for you outside." Harry said. I nodded. He turned around and walked out.

  "Listen, Jake." I started. "Now you're with a pop star?" Jake asked shockingly. I glared at him. "Why do you care? You were never there for me. Even when I loved you and you knew about it, you didn't come running. I moved on. I found Harry. I'm happy with Harry. That is if we are a thing yet." I was shouting at him. "Juliet, I didn't know. I've always loved you. Please." Jake begged. I could tell by the look on his face that he was fibbing. "No. You're lying. Just leave me alone. I'm happy without you. I don't need you in my life to be happy like you think I do! Just leave me alone." I yelled in his face as I stormed out and hugged Harry.

Harry, and the rest of the restaurant heard it all. I silenced everybody by my yelling. Jake deserved it. He deserved the embarrassment. Harry squeezed me very tightly. He knew what I was going through. I could tell by his hug.

  "I'm sorry." He simply said. "Why are you apologizing?" I asked. "I'm sorry for whatever you went through because of him." He explained.

I kissed him. I could feel him kiss back.

  "Do you know where I'm taking you?" He asked me. I shook my head.

He gave me a smile that could only mean one thing. One activity. I smiled and hugged him.

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