Forever & Always

The J Sisters were an abnormal bunch. They're constantly having to move because of five men who want them dead. After the five girls fell in love with the One Direction boys, they face a lot of challenges together. The girls swear to not tell a soul about their deepest darkest secret except for the five men who already know what they are.
Enjoy(: xx


9. Choose

I felt guilty after I sent that text to Juliet when she had left. She kind of deserved it though. This is the third time she has left me. I can't take her leaving anymore. She either has to stay with me and tell the truth or just go and keep her little secret. I loved her but she had to make a decision. I brought up messages on my phone and looked under her name. She hasn't answered. She must be on a plane. I started a text, 'you have two options: stay my girlfriend and tell me the whole fucking truth or you can leave me alone and keep your fucking secret. Choose.' I sat there for a minute and thought. If she got on a plane and is most likely headed back to the US, she'll answer it in a few hours. Enough time to sleep. I started tearing up when I sent the text. I closed my eyes and within five minutes I was out.

When I woke up, we were just landing. When we got off the plane, I immediately pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked my messages. Harry had sent me one more text. I stopped the girls and read it aloud. This truly broke my heart. I could feel my heart crumble inside of me.

  "I have to tell him!" I cried. They were shaking their heads like crazy. "I have to!"  I yelled. I could barely see through my cloudy eyes. I sat in an airport chair, and cried.

  "I have to tell him." I said to the girls after I had calmed down.

I was walking around the airport with my bag in my hand, thinking of what to say and how to say it. While I was walking around, I got another text. It was from Louis: 'Tell him the truth Juliet. He loves you and he hasn't stopped crying since he sent you the texts this morning. He'll keep whatever secret it is that you're hiding. I promise he will. Please fix his broken heart. I know that if you tell him the truth, he'll fix your broken heart too. Please trust me Juliet.' The text read. I pulled up the phone app on my phone and called Harry. He didn't answer. I called six times before trying Louis.

"Juliet. You've made the right decision. He locked himself in the room and hasn't come out. He refuses to until he can see you." Louis explained. My eyes exploded with tears. "I can't. I'm in a different country." I said. After I finished saying that, I was standing in front of the girls in the airport. They were listening. "Juliet please. I'll hold the phone up to the door." Louis said as he did. Harry was screaming and crying. I dropped to the floor. It felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest and cut it into little pieces with a knife.

"When is the next flight to Cheshire!?" I yelled at the girls. The girls looked around with tears in their eyes. "Thirty minutes." Jiana said. "Get me on that fucking plane!" I yelled. I grabbed my stuff, and we bought airplane tickets for the five of us.

When we got on the Cheshire plane, I apologized to the girls for making them go back.

  "It's okay." They laughed.

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