Forever & Always

The J Sisters were an abnormal bunch. They're constantly having to move because of five men who want them dead. After the five girls fell in love with the One Direction boys, they face a lot of challenges together. The girls swear to not tell a soul about their deepest darkest secret except for the five men who already know what they are.
Enjoy(: xx


1. I'm Sorry...

   "Thank you all for coming and allowing us to receive these awards that you have nominated us for," Liam began, "we are really grateful and your support has been phenomenal. We will try to give everyone here today at least an autograph and a picture." He smiled.

     I stood there, watching and listening as the five boys began thanking everyone individually. I walked along the edge of the crowd acting as if I was a guard. I waited for the one boy in the group with curly hair to stand alone before making my way to him. I made my way through the crowd, barely, before reaching him. Before looking straight at him, I looked around to see video cameras recording.

  "Shit." I muttered.

I looked up at him and found that he was staring at me with a smile. I did not smile back. I merely snickered. I stood on my toes, because I was that much shorter than the tall boy, and planted my lips on his. I listened as girls started shrieking. I parted with his lips.

  "What is your name?" He asked curiously. "Juliet." I whispered as I turned around and ran.

I squeezed my way through the crowd. I turned around to find him running after me.

  "Shit." I muttered once again.

I escaped the crowd and ran through the small town center. I stopped running and turned around. The boy was shouting at a security guard.

  "Let me go! I have to know her!" He shrieked.

A tear made its journey of about an inch down my cheek before I rubbed it away.

  "I wish I didn't have to go. It had to be done." I whispered to myself.

I watched as he escaped security.

  "Shit!" I shouted before turning and running down the street. "Juliet!" The boy shouted after me.

He was fast. I hid in a store doorway that was, thankfully, big enough to hide in. I stood there quietly as he passed and stopped in the middle of the street. He looked around confused. The curly haired boy sighed. He looked about 18. I sighed as he started to walk off when a store customer walked out of the shop I was hiding in front of. He looked over and saw me.

  "Shit!" I yelled as I ran in the opposite direction.

I looked back for a mere second as the boy reached out and grabbed my arm.

  "Juliet." He sighed in relief. "No. It was a mistake. I shouldn't have kissed you." I whispered. I wiggled out of his grasp and resumed running. "C'mon!" He yelled with his British accent, obviously irritated.

He chased me throughout town. I tripped several times, as I was lucky to be far enough ahead of him to get up and continue running.

  "Please! Stop running!" He begged.

I ran down a side street. Every side street I saw, I was running down them. After about a half mile of running through unfamiliar side streets, I noticed I wasn't being chase anymore. I pondered back through the streets to find that the boy had been caught by his security. I sighed in relief. I continued to explore the streets, thinking about what had happened.  After a few minutes of wandering, I finally stood along a highway. I used my phone to call a taxi and I waited for them to pick me up. It was a small town so if you needed a taxi, you had to call. It wasn't New York. Nothing like it except for the thousands of tourists each year. The taxi arrived about after 15 minutes of waiting. I hopped in and gave the man my requested destination.

The ride was silent until the man spoke up. "You look exhausted miss." I nodded.

About every couple of minutes, he looked up at me as if he was curious about something. After another 15 minutes, I was at the hotel. I payed and thanked the man. I walked through the lobby and entered an elevator. I got out on the floor of my room and knocked on the door. Jedda, my sister, came to the door and let me in.

  "Where were you?" She wondered. "Out." I snapped. "Damn. Grouchy much?" She snapped back.

The other three girls came trotting in the room. "Where were you!?" My other sister Jiana cried. "I lied to mom to keep your ass safe and out of trouble." She yelled. "I'm sorry. I went and did what I needed to." I apologized. "And?" Jordan, my sister's best friend asked. "I did it and he chased me until security got him."

I was in a group called The J Sisters which was made up of my sisters and two friends, Jordan and Jasmine. We were a different group. We were 'magical' if that's what you wanted to call it.

  "Does he or anyone else know anything?" Jasmine asked curiously. "No." I replied. The four girls sighed in relief. "Was it caught on video? Please tell me it wasn't." Jiana pleaded. "I don't know. There were cameras. There was screaming. There was a lot of things and those things might have had video taping included." I blurted. "Shit!" The girls yelled.

We were in the living room. The tv on, but muted. The little lamp in the corner of the room was on, but very dim. I was wearing skinny jeans and a tank top. Jiana was wearing a sign language t-shirt and jeans. Jedda was wearing a striped sweater and jeans. Jordan was wearing a cute little blouse and skinny jeans. And Jasmine was wearing a regular shirt and jeans. It was winter so jeans were very necessary.

  "It's time to go." I sighed. The girls nodded.

We went into the other room and grabbed our bags.

  "If we want to keep our 'secret' a secret, we need to go." I explained, just in case someone was unsure of why we were leaving. Jedda sighed.

  "I just texted mom to let her know we're leaving for the airport." Jiana informed Jedda and I. "Jordan and Jasmine, you need to tell your parents." The girls nodded. "Let's go."

The girls and I called a taxi and we made our way to a London airport that I had no idea the name. We arrived, and payed the driver. We boarded our plane and found our seats.

  "Here we go. Say goodbye to our lovely British friends and crushes." Jedda sighed, purposefully looking at me.

As she said that, I thought of the curly haired boy. He was very attractive. I don't know why I keep calling him 'the curly haired boy'. It sounds better than calling him by his name, Harry, and letting everyone know who I'm talking about.

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