Hi my name is Emma. I have a boyfriend name Niall from One Direction. We had a whole bunch of sex. so I got pregnant. Niall didn't want to be with me because I got preganant. But something happned. I canh't tell you are I'm going to spoil the story! You have to read on to find out what happens to us by reading the wholle entire boook.


1. Sex

"come here baby you want somemore of this?'' "yeah I want somemore of this!''  KNOCK KNOCK!'' Who is it? It is your mother Emma and open the door NOOOOOOOW! Hold on mom just a minute i just got out the shower. Is Niall in the house with you Emma? Yes mom he is? Were you guys having sex? no mom we weren't I just got out the shower! (emma opens the door) hi mom what are you doing here? oh nothing just  dropping by to see how it's going! oh everthing is fine mom now could you please leave? Wait I just want to say hi to Niall. okay then mom, NIALL GET IN HERE NOW MY MOM WANTS TO SEE YOU NOW PLEASE BABE! (niall talks) okay i'm comming i'm coming! hi mrs. johnson. hello there nialll. (emma talks) mom now that you saw Niall can you please leave.  okay fine i will leave. bye niall nice to see you again. (niall talks) you to mrs.johnson. (emma's mom exist the door) (emma talks to niall) now that she's gone let''s get back  to havins sex. okay anythinh you want.

Emma's P.O.V

we flopped on the bed i undid nialls belt and took off his pants, underwear, shirt,and t-shirt. he took off my clothes then unhoooked my bra. After 5 minutes he stopped. That was unusaul for him because I usaully stop. he  looked at my belly so did I. UNBELIVABLE

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