Old Friends

Tyrah never believed that her best friend in the whole wide world would leave her to audition for the X factor. Her and Niall have been inseparable since birth. They love eachother but are to afraid to say it out loud. They lost touch and eventually Niall forgot about their friendship. What happens when her cousin, Harry Styles comes to visit and he brings the boys with him? Will Niall remember Tyrah? Will she ever forgive him? You'll just have to read to see if anger or love wins the battle in 'Old Friends'.


13. Tests


I woke up the next morning. Just a week until christmas!!

Tyrah- BOYS!! Wake up, we need to start decorating!

I love this time of the year. Hot cocoa, presents, christmas songs, I could go on all day. I turned around and all of the boys were lined up saluting me. I laughed at their playfulness. 

Tyrah- Alright! Liam, Zayn, you hang the lights up outside. Louis, Harry you go and get a tree. Niall and I will get everything else done.

Louis- Ma'am yes ma'am. Come on Hazza lets go get a tree!!!

Harry- Yaaaa!!

Liam- I'll go and get the ladder.

Zayn- I'll get the coats. 

The boys scurried off in different directions leaving Niall and I alone. I sat down on the couch elevating my leg.

Tyrah- Niall?

Niall- Yeah babe?

Tyrah- Will you get me some pain killers please?

Niall- Anything for you.

He came back a few minutes later handing me what I asked for and sitting in the spot next to me.

Tyrah- Thank you.

Niall- How does your leg feel?

Tyrah- It hurts a little. I just don't feel well. I'm like really nauseous right now. I feel like I'm gonna-

Before I could finish I crawled as quickly as I could to the bathroom throwing up in the toliet. Niall came running in holding back my hair while rubbing my back. I leaned back against the bathroom wall looking at Niall. He must've read my mind. 

Niall- You're not-

Tyrah- Oh no I can't be. 

I started hyperventilating causing me to throw up again. Niall was rummaging through my cabinets until he pulled out a little pink box. He handed me a couple of pregnancy tests and went outside to leave me some privacy.

Tyrah- Niall, you can come back now.

We sat there, in each others arms, waiting for the alarm to go off. 

Tyrah- Niall, if I am, you know, you're not going to leave me right?

Niall- I will never leave you Tyrah. I love you way too much.

The alarm went off and I reached up for the tests. Negative, Negative, Negative. 

A/N: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!! I LOVE YOU! Merry Christmas everyone.

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