Old Friends

Tyrah never believed that her best friend in the whole wide world would leave her to audition for the X factor. Her and Niall have been inseparable since birth. They love eachother but are to afraid to say it out loud. They lost touch and eventually Niall forgot about their friendship. What happens when her cousin, Harry Styles comes to visit and he brings the boys with him? Will Niall remember Tyrah? Will she ever forgive him? You'll just have to read to see if anger or love wins the battle in 'Old Friends'.


4. Nialls Thoughts


What have I done? She hates me. Being in a band keeps me busy almost 24/7. I guess I did have time at night to talk to her. I'm such a dick, I even ignored her good luck texts. I could at least said thanks and that only takes like three seconds. Uhhh Niall why are you so stupid.

Liam- uhhh Niall are you gonna come in?

Niall- oh..... ya

I walked in to see everyone sprawled on the couches and the floor.

Louis- we're gonna watch an movie!!

Niall- uh.. cool

I looked over at Tyrah, she was cuddled up next to Harry with sadness in her eyes. I hurt her. I hate myself for doing this to her. After the movie we all went our separate ways to go to bed.

Zayn- You alright mate?

Niall-  I'm fine.

Zayn- Niall, I'm one of your best friends. I can tell when somethings up.

Niall- Tyrah hates me.

Zayn- How do you know? You met her this afternoon.

Niall- You remember when we first met when I told you about that girl?

Zayn- ya??

Niall- well that girl is Tyrah. She hates me for not keeping in touch with her. She thought that I forgot about our friendship.

Zayn- Did you?

Niall- I never forgot, I guess I just ignored it.

Zayn-You can't ignore your best friend.

Niall- no shit sherlock.

Zayn- Just move on. You've got us now.

Niall- I can't I love her, I mean our friendship. I love our friendship.

Zayn- You love her?

Niall- no.

Zayn- Niall I heard what you said.

Niall- I'm tired. Goodnight Zayn.

I'm in love with Tyrah Styles. I have been and always will be.

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