Old Friends

Tyrah never believed that her best friend in the whole wide world would leave her to audition for the X factor. Her and Niall have been inseparable since birth. They love eachother but are to afraid to say it out loud. They lost touch and eventually Niall forgot about their friendship. What happens when her cousin, Harry Styles comes to visit and he brings the boys with him? Will Niall remember Tyrah? Will she ever forgive him? You'll just have to read to see if anger or love wins the battle in 'Old Friends'.


10. Making fun


That was amazing. She is amazing. My life is amazing.

I looked over admiring her breath taking face. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She turned to face me. Her cheeks turned pink as she stared back at me. My fingers brushed against her rosy cheeks tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. I then remembered about our dinner reservations.

Niall- We have reservations at some fancy restaurant but I think we should bale and just stay like this. I mean only if you want to.

Tyrah- I could care less about what we do. As long as I'm with you I'll survive.

My smile grew and I leaned in planting another sweet kiss on her lips. 

Tyrah- Niall guess what.

She whispered in my ear sending chill throughout my body. 

Niall- hmm?

Tyrah- When you were on the X factor, your mom and I would sit and watch every episode praying that you would do great and move on. Your mom told me all of these embarrassing stories and would show me some of your baby pictures. She helped me get on with my life without you there. Niall, I never had a boyfriend while you were gone. I would sit by my computer with my phone in my hands on full blast waiting for some sort of communication from you. Each day that I didn't hear your voice my heart would droop. When I had volleyball games I would always look through the crowd to see if you were there. I waited and waited, but nothing and I've been thinking lately about how everything happens for a reason. All of this waiting has been totally worth it. If two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back.

I smiled at her kissing her again. When we pulled away my smile faded.

Tyrah- Whats wrong Ni?

Niall- I don't deserve you Tyrah.

It's true, I don't.

Tyrah- Niall don't say that. I think it's the other way around.

Niall- How did I get so lucky?

She giggled, her fingers tracing circles on my chest. We sat there for hours and caught up we each others lives and bodies, if you know what I mean;). It was around midnight when we started getting dressed and ready to leave.

Tyrah- Niall thank you for the best day of my life. It was absolutely perfect. 

Niall- You're absolutely perfect.

She hopped on my back, holding her bag and crutches. Once we got back, the house was quiet, too quiet. I set her down and she looked at me confused. All of the sudden the boys popped out at us screaming causing Tyrah to fall to the ground. 

Niall- Guys seriously?

I helped her up.

Harry- What are you two doing home so late?

Tyrah- Harry, you're not my mom.

Zayn- Did you cuties have fun on your date?

Louis- Thats a stupid question Zayn. Of course they did, don't you remember when we went on that walk and we all saw this cute little treehouse?

Harry- I didn't know a treehouse could sway that much.

Zayn- Ya, I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops due to all of the noise.

I looked over at Tyrah. She looked so embarrassed. I walked over to her wrapping my arm around her waist.

Niall- You guys can make fun all you want but just remember I'm getting action and you're not.

Silence. Score!!

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