Old Friends

Tyrah never believed that her best friend in the whole wide world would leave her to audition for the X factor. Her and Niall have been inseparable since birth. They love eachother but are to afraid to say it out loud. They lost touch and eventually Niall forgot about their friendship. What happens when her cousin, Harry Styles comes to visit and he brings the boys with him? Will Niall remember Tyrah? Will she ever forgive him? You'll just have to read to see if anger or love wins the battle in 'Old Friends'.


2. Ex

Today Harry's coming!!! I decided that on the way to the airport I would stop by Maura's house.
"Hi Maura!!" I yelled
"Hey honey, you seem pretty excited" she replied.
"Ya Harry's visiting!" I said.
"Oh ya Nialls coming with him."
"What do you mean?" I questioned.
"Honey they're in the same band".
No way in hell.
"You ok hun? You look a little pale."
I didn't say anything. I nodded and walked out of the house. The drive to the airport was nerve raking, I was gong to see Niall again. Tyrah stop, you hate him, remember? Why is this happening to me? I arrived at the airport and walked to the terminal they were at. I waited for a few minutes and saw Harry's curly and green eyes.
"HAZZA!!" I screamed.
I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. He picked me up and spin me around.
"I missed you!" He laughed.
Four other boys stood behind him. One on his phone, two laughing at each other, and then Niall who was fidgeting with his suitcase.
"Guys, this is Tyrah. Tyrah this is Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall." He introduced me to them.
"HI!!!" Most of them screamed.
"Hi" I replied shyly.
Niall still didn't look up. What a jerk. We got back to my small house and I showed everyone their rooms. Lastly I brought Niall to his. He looked at me for the first time. His eyes got wide.
"Tyrah?" He asked.
"Wow, you remember my name."
He looked a little hurt from my words but why would I care?
"I'm sorry I was just so busy and-"
"Save it Niall. You should never be too busy for your best friend."
"I'm sorry you're my bestfriend Tyrah please forgive." He pleaded.
"Ex bestfriend"
With that I walked away locking myself in my room letting the tears spill from my eyes.

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