Old Friends

Tyrah never believed that her best friend in the whole wide world would leave her to audition for the X factor. Her and Niall have been inseparable since birth. They love eachother but are to afraid to say it out loud. They lost touch and eventually Niall forgot about their friendship. What happens when her cousin, Harry Styles comes to visit and he brings the boys with him? Will Niall remember Tyrah? Will she ever forgive him? You'll just have to read to see if anger or love wins the battle in 'Old Friends'.


8. Date- part 2


Niall- Remember when we were younger and we would lay down and watch the sun set and the stars come out?

Tyrah- How could I forget? Those nights were my favorite.

Niall- Every night that I spent with you was my favorite and they always will be.

Tyrah- Niall look!

I pointed to the tree in the center of our tree house. N + T was engraved in the tree with a heart surrounding it. It felt like it was just yesterday when we did that.

Niall- We did that the night before I left. Well, a tree never lies.

Tyrah- You're so weird.

Niall- Thats why ya love me.

Tyrah- Who said I love you?

I smirked at him and he mirrored me.

Niall- Maybe this will make you know.

He leaned in, like he was going to kiss me. I closed my eyes and felt his warm breath hitting my face. I was caught by surprise when he started tickling me.

Tyrah- hahah Niall hahaha please hahaha stop!!!

Niall- NEVER!!!

I got out of his grasp and started crawling away from him, we were both laughing. He caught me flipping me over gently so that I was laying on my back and he hung over me. Both of us getting serious and looking into each others eyes. He leaned down once again connecting his lips to mine. Our bodies fit perfectly together. His hands running through my hair while mine were wrapped around his neck. When we finally pulled away Niall had a huge smile on his face.

Tyrah- What?

Niall- I'm just really happy right now.

Tyrah- I love you Niall.

Niall- I love you too Tyrah. So are we official now?

Tyrah- Of course boyfriend!!!

Niall- Shall we eat girlfriend?

Tyrah- We shall.

Niall- We're so weird.

Tyrah- I'm pretty sure you're the weird one. I'm totally normal.

Niall- Whatever you say.

We ate Nialls world famous peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He can eat, I'm used to it though.

Tyrah- You know what we should do?

Niall- What?

Tyrah- You remember when we were younger and we would pull pranks on the neighbors?

Niall- We should get my mom.

Tyrah- I actually like your mom though. How about Mr. Seitz;).

Niall- That grumpy old man that hates us?

Tyrah- Ya!!!

Niall- What do you have in mind Ms. Styles?



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