2. The day I meet HIM

Cassie's POV- I'm reading this book called Romeo and Juliet and I LOVE it. I'm sitting on the love seat with my legs on the seat. My house is huge by the way, my parents have so many jobs each its like they work 24/7, I'm ok with that because they always make time for me. Right now my mom is here with me, my dad is with Simon. I know at least 50 languages, i have a real good memory so i remember everything, i see,hear touch and taste... 

 huh theres a knock at the door better go get it. " mom, im getting the door."" OK sweetheart."

I'm still in my pj's but oh well. I ran to the front door, hoping for my dad. I was still reading the book when I got the door.Oh i forgot to say this i ONLY listen to classical music. When I answer the door its my daddy.

 " Daddy, Uncle Simon, people i don't know..Hiiiii"I gave my daddy a hug, then Simon."Hey sweetheart" My daddy said "hey little one" said Simon. Little One is MY nickname  Uncle Simon gave me. I then let them in  and go to my room and change.

Niall's POV- So Simon called us up and said be ready in 15 minutes. He said he's going to introduce us to his friend which hard to believe but I got proven wrong Chris ( aka cassie's dad but he didnt know that) took us to his house. He and Simon decided to just knock instead of unlocking the door.

This beautiful girl around 15-17 answer the door, she had straight bright red hair that goes to mid-back and bright green eyes, she's about 5-5'2. She has a fit body if you know what i mean,but she looks nothing like Chris. She had the book Romeo and Juliet in her hand. 

" Daddy, Uncle Simon, people i don't know..Hiiiii" she said, her voice like an angel, it melted my knees. She, then hugged Chris and Simon. Then let us in and lefted and a mid-30's lady walked in gave Chris a kiss and hugged Simon and us.

"Its very nice to have you here, boys are you staying here for dinner?" She said. 

"Yes, they are" Chris and Simon said. I guess we are.

"Why  does that girl upstairs not look like you" Zayn said

"Because, Me and Chris can't have kids, but we wanted a daughter so we adopted her when she was 12 weeks old. Later we were going to have a meeting with her biological parents but, found out her father died in the IRA and her mother died after she gave birth." she said.

"I'm sorry, about that and we didn't get your name" i said. " It's Sally and Cassie our daughter's name."


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