3. Dinner

Cassie's POV- So I went upstairs to change.I picked out a yellow shirt, white with yellow stripes knee high socks, yellow converse, yellow hoops, jeans shorts, heart locket, and my yellow glasses.If you haven't guessed I like yellow and green, but my outfit is yellow.OK,so I hope you can keep a secret because I have some.Ok so there is this guy I think is soo adorable, but my daddy will say 'No' to him I bet.He has blonde hair.

I grab my book and open it back up and start reading it, while walking downstairs. Oh, I should have told you this first but I already graduated college but, its not my fault some people aren't smart so I read all the time. I think you should read the book then watch the movie.I walk into the living room and the blonde and curly are sitting in MY SPOT I look at them like they are crazy and better move." Ummm can you move?" I ask. "Why I just got comfy" Curly said. I pick them up by their hair and throw them to the other boys and good thing daddy didn't see. I sit down."That'll teach you to sit in MY couch" I said. " How dare you hurt my Hazza and his beautiful curls" said a boy with a carrot."Your Hazza can shove his curls up his bum and you shove that carrot up yours ,too" I said and I know thats mean but I get mean when people sit in MY spot." Rude much" Carrot boy says." Who" Simon, mom and dad say."Them. They won't introduce themselves but I did." I said." Boys, don't be rude. Introduce yourselves." Simon said."I'm Liam.""I'm Zayn.""I'm Niall." The cute blonde can speak, I like his name."I'm Louis" CARROT BOYYY IS MORE LIKE IT."I'm Harry"CURLYYY  FITS HIM BETTER.                                        


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