4. Dinner PART 2

(still cassie's pov)

So, we go to the diner room and I sit by NIALL. SWEETTTTTNESS. He keeps piling food on his plate and so did I but not for him I LOVE FOOD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Here's the funny thing  I don't gain weight.

After Dinner- I go upstairs and take my shower and get dressed.Its 9 pm when I'm done. I walk in my room and Niall and i think his name is Zayn are in my room."What are you doing in here" I ask.Right, then my dad walks in." Daddy why are they in here" I ask. "Because the boys are staying the night and they will be sleeping here, sweetheart" Dad says." But what about the guest rooms""They are taken sweetheart its only for tonight.""Fine but I'm gonna be reading then."

3 Hours Later- Well I just finished Romeo And Juliet. Now for The Hunger Games.But I'll start that tomorrow.So I bet your wondering what happened 3 hours ago.Well my parents left for the airport to a business trip.Simon is back at the UK and I'm here with 5 hormonal boys. Yayyyy NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well guess what Niall is staying in my room and the others are in the quest rooms,we have 4 guest rooms and my dad thought it would be funny to put one of the boys in my room. The boys left to a club.When the boys came home, they were totally drunk.They um raped me, more than once, all of them.I told them to stop but they didn't.And I'm scared to tell my parents.I feel worthless now. I hope it doesn't stay like that.( FYI- They raped her 10 times each.)


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