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the title is the summary duh!


2. monoply

chapter 2

Lib's p.o.v

This is the story of how me, Red( Kaelin), Wabby (Abby), Katie, Horse Lemon(Kelsey) and Browine (Natalie) play Monoply. On  to the game!

"Let me win or else!" screams Natalie.

"Never!" I yell back.

"Rock, paper, sissors!" chanted Abby and Red as they tried to decied who gets the race car while Kelsey steals it from them both.

"Shut up all of you!" screams Katie.

Everyone instently shuts up except me and Nat, naturally.

"No, I win!"

"No I win!"

"No me,"

"No me,"


"No," me and Nat continue.

By then we have 3 adults, 12 students and 1 super pissed off princepal.

"I said to play quitely! Not destroy the room!" screamed our teacher.

"I blame google!" we screamed as we ran out a open door.


That's all i got bye!!!! It sucks so much!! XD


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