this is just a distraction

the title is the summary duh!


4. fire

chapter 3

This is for Red! enjoy!~


"Fire!" me and Red yell as we watch the fire dance around in the pit.

Here, I'll explain. We set things on fire then put it in my fire pit.

"So awesome!" Red says.

"Told you this is fun!" I yell.

Then came the marshmelows.

"OMG their on fire! Oh shit!" me and Ginger scream. (Ginger, is yet another one of Red's nicknames. Not that she has as many as I do...)

"Grab the hose!" I yell as we watch the yard set on fire.

She grabed the hose and sprayed every where. So the fire was gone and we where completely soaked.


And that viewers is why me and Red don't like water!~

Yet another distraction! enjoy~

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