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3. baking

chapter 2

Another stupid chapter! This is for Natalie because she's awesome!

"Nat where are the cookies for Allan a Kaelin (not Red, a different Kaelin, eho happens to be a guy) ?" I ask.

"1 sec we need to posion them!" Nat yells.

"No, we aren't posioning them!" I scream.

"Fine but I'm eating them!" she decieded

"Ugh fine but I want half!" I decided.

"Fine! Let's eat!" Natalie said while grabing a handful of cookies.

~next day~

"Hey guys whats up!" I asked Allan a Kaelin.

"Nothing much, you bring the cookies?" Allan asked as Kaelin and Nat had a glaring contest.

"Umm about that.." I trailed off.

"We ate them!" Nat shouted in a overly happy tone.

"Yeah, what Nat said. Umm we got to go bye!" I shouted as I grabbed Nat's arm and ran from the slowly getting pissed boys.


Yet another short chapter!

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