Baby pals

Felicia has known Harry since birth, their mums went to school together and everything. But when Felicia was 10 years old her family had to move to Sweden.. Six years later Felicia moved to London, but Harry was busy touring so they hadn't met yet... until she and her friend went to a One Direction signing! Will Harry remember Felicia after all these years? Will it be love at first sight or will she fall for another band member?


17. Meeting Josh


The boys got out of the car; Harry came over to my side and opened my door. “My lady.” He said and bowed. “Why thank you.” I said and got out of the car. Once we got to the recording room in the massive building we were greeted by a guy, he had short brown hair and dark eyes. He smiled at me warmly when Harry and I walked over to him. “I’m guessing you’re the famous Felicia?” “That’s me. And I’m guessing you’re the famous Josh?” “Yep, it’s nice to finally meet you.” “You too” I said. He hugged me like we’ve known each other forever. I hugged him back. “Hi mate” Harry said, interrupting our hug. I pulled away and walked over to the rest while they talked to one another. They all sat in a black couch. I took a seat between Liam and Louis. “What do you think of Josh?” Liam asked as I sat down in the couch. “He seem nice but I don’t really know him yet.” I said. “Fair enough.” He said. Josh and Harry walked over to us after a while. “Are you ready to start?” Harry asked. “Yep” The boys said. “I’ll just sit here with Felicia then” Josh said. I looked at him confused. Wasn’t he going to rehears? Once the boys left to the recording studio next to us Josh took Liams seat beside me. “Aren’t you going to rehears?” I asked looking at him. He smiled at me. “Not until later, love. Now I can get to know you better instead.” He said. I smiled at him then looked down. “You know they’re all crazy about you, right?” He said looking me in the eyes. “Kind of, they told me this morning.” I said. “And how do you feel about it?” “I don’t know, it feels pretty weird, I guess. Especially with Harry, you know, since we’ve known each other forever.” I said. I’ve thought about that a lot lately, I mean, why didn’t he tell me sooner? “Harry is very shy around girls he really like.” Josh said. I looked at him. I didn’t know what to say. He laughed awkwardly whilst rubbing his neck. I looked at my feet and bit my lip. “Are you coming on the tour?” He asked. “Yes, I am.” “Are you looking forward to it?” “You have no idea, I’m so excited!” He laughed. “Yeah, I remember my first tour! I was as excited as I ever could be, it was amazing!” he said with a smile plastered on his face. “It still is though, it’s just not the same.” He said. “Yeah, I heard the ‘Take Me Home-tour’ is going to be massive!” I said. “Oh, yeah! It’s the biggest one yet!” “And we’re going to Sweden so I might as well take the chance and meet some friends.” I said. “You’re from Sweden?” he asked. He looked quite surprised. “No, but I lived there for about four years.” I said. “Oh.” We went quiet for a while and just listened as the boys started singing. They really were talented. They started of with ‘They Don’t Know About Us’, my favourite on the album. “They say we shouldn’t be together, to young to know about forever. But I say, they don’t know what they’re talk-talk-talking about.

Cause this love is only getting stronger, so I don’t wanna wait any longer, I just want to tell the world that you’re mine, girl. Oh, They don’t know about the things we do, they don’t know about the ‘I love yous’ but I bet you if they only knew, they would just be jealous of us, they don’t know about the ‘up all nights’ they don’t know I’ve waited all my life, just to find a love that feels this right. They don’t know, baby, they don’t know about us.

Just one touch and I was a believer, every kiss get’s a little sweeter.

It’s getting better, it keeps getting better all the time, girl…”

I sang along in the song without even thinking. They sang a few more songs and Josh and I just sat there, listening. It was a nice start of the day. A while later the boys came out. “We’re going to rehears a few more songs so you two can grab a lunch or whatever.” Niall said when they were walking out of the recording studio. “I’m up for it.” Josh said. “Good because I’m starving!” I said. I stood up and grabbed my purse. “See you later boys!” I said. “Bye” they yelled after me. 

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