Baby pals

Felicia has known Harry since birth, their mums went to school together and everything. But when Felicia was 10 years old her family had to move to Sweden.. Six years later Felicia moved to London, but Harry was busy touring so they hadn't met yet... until she and her friend went to a One Direction signing! Will Harry remember Felicia after all these years? Will it be love at first sight or will she fall for another band member?


2. In the line



We arrived to a massive white building with a huge line outside full of girls. I sighed and walked over to the end of the line. Leah came a few seconds later. She had a massive grin over her face and she looked at the building.


“Can you believe it? The boys are in that building!” she said


The girl in front of us turned around. She was my age with beautiful long blonde hair. She had icy blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. She looked like that kind of girl any guy would fall for. She had a grey Hollister top and white skinny jeans. She really was beautiful.


“I know! It’s a dream come true right?” she said

“I’m Emily by the way” she added and stretched her hand out.

I took it in mine and shook it.

“Felicia” I said with a smile

She shook Leah’s hand too.

“I’m Leah” she said.

“Nice to meet you” Emily said.

“You too” said Leah and me at the exact same time.

“so, where are you from?” Emily asked us.

“I’m from Cheshire but I live here now” I replied before Leah could.

“Are you serious? That’s where Harry is from! That’s so cool!” She said really fast

“yeah” I said with a slight laugh.

“Harry is my favourite, he’s just so perfect.” She said in a dreamy voice.

“He’s not that perfect…” I mumbled.

Then I realised I said it out loud so I just hoped No one heard.

“what was that” Leah said with a confused face.

“oh, nothing” I said.

“okay then” Leah said looking at me with a weird face.

“have you ever met them before?” Emily asked.

“nope” Leah said popping the “p”

“Have you?” I asked.

“No, not yet.” She said


It became silent for a while. I started thinking of what I was going to say to Harry when I meet him.


“God, for how long are we going to stand in this line?! I want to meet them, now!” Leah whined.

“stop whining! We’re going to meet them soon” I said

“How soon?” she pouted

“just soon” I said


I hoped it’s not going to take that long.

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