Baby pals

Felicia has known Harry since birth, their mums went to school together and everything. But when Felicia was 10 years old her family had to move to Sweden.. Six years later Felicia moved to London, but Harry was busy touring so they hadn't met yet... until she and her friend went to a One Direction signing! Will Harry remember Felicia after all these years? Will it be love at first sight or will she fall for another band member?


16. Awkward


We all started munching on the food. “This tastes great!” Louis said. “Thanks Lou!” I said. I looked around at the boys’ faces. Weirdly they all looked kind of nervous. “What’s up with you guys? You all look nervous.” “Uhm…yeah, there’s something we need to tell you..” Liam said. “Okay, what’s up?” “I don’t quite know how to tell you this so I’ll just spit it out… we all, uhm, sort of have a crush on you…” Liam continued. I just stared at him. Was he just joking or was he really serious? I looked at all of their faces. They all looked nervous and they all were blushing. I didn’t know how to react “W-What?” I stuttered. “It’s true...” Niall said, he was blushing like crazy. I didn’t know what to say or how to react. I just looked at my French toast. “I just have to do something…” I said and left the table. I walked up to my room. What should I do? I grabbed my phone and called Leah. “Leah speaking!” “Hey, it’s me.” “Felicia?” “Yeah.” “Okay, what’s up?” “I need your help, are you free tomorrow?” “Let me check…Yup, I’m free.” “Great, see you at your house at 12.” “sure, see you then! Bye!” “Bye!” We hung up.


“Well, that was awkward…” Niall said. “I’ll go get her, we need to head for the rehearsals.” “Okay Lou.” Harry said.  I left the table and walked to her room. I knocked on her door. “Come in” I walked in to find her doing her make-up. She was wearing white skinny jeans and Jack Wills T-shirt. “Oh, hi Lou.” She smiled. “Hi carrot princess.” “Carrot princess?” “Yep, that’s my new nickname for you.”  She giggled. “Okay then” She said. “Are you ready to leave?” “In a minute” “Okay, I’ll just wait downstairs” I said and was on my way out of her room. “Hey Lou?” I turned around. “yes?” “What do you think I should do?” “About the boys?” “Yeah” “I think you should just give them all a fair chance and then you’ll just know what to do.” I said. “I guess… thanks Lou!” “No problem, love” “Well I’m done now anyway” “All right let’s go down to the boys.”


Lou and I walked down the stairs. The boys all stood by the door, waiting for us. “We’re all sharing a van to the rehearsals.” Harry said. “Okay” I half-smiled. We got out and locked the door. I took a seat in the front next to Zayn and the other boys were in the back. We started driving. “Okay, so tell me about Josh.” I said. “You want to know about Josh?” Niall asked whilst raising his eyebrows. “Uhm… yeah, he tweeted me the other day and he seemed pretty close to you, and well, I want to know.” I explained. “All right, He’s our drummer, as you may have guessed, he’s mine Liams’ and Nialls’ age, uhm… He’s hot a girlfriend called Becca, and I think you’ll like him.” Zayn answered. “Okay then, I’m looking forward to seeing him.” I said. “Good, cause we’re here now.” Liam said. I instantly got nervous, I had no idea how I should act at rehearsals! Was I supposed to sit quiet? Should I sit in another room? Well, I guess I’ll just have to find out. 

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