Baby pals

Felicia has known Harry since birth, their mums went to school together and everything. But when Felicia was 10 years old her family had to move to Sweden.. Six years later Felicia moved to London, but Harry was busy touring so they hadn't met yet... until she and her friend went to a One Direction signing! Will Harry remember Felicia after all these years? Will it be love at first sight or will she fall for another band member?


15. A "Special" twitcam...



My alarm woke me up at 6am. I turned it up and walked to the en-suit to take a shower. The cold water pouring down my body. It felt nice. I washed my hair and walked out of the shower. I put on my “Love Pink” grey sweats and a white Hollister t-shirt and dried my hair. It fell naturally down my back. Then I grabbed my phone and walked quietly down the stairs in to the kitchen. Everyone was asleep so I decided to keep my promise and make breakfast. I started of with pancakes and waffles. When they were done I made egg and bacon. Since it would take some time until the boys woke up I made French toast as well. It didn’t take much time to finish the breakfast so I just logged in on twitter to make time pass. I had a lot of new followers and tweets. There was some nice ones from directioners and a few from haters. I saw I had some from the boys, the one from Harry said ‘@Harry_Styles: Awe I would never ditch you babe xx ;) @Felicialucie’ I smiled at the tweet and read the next one from Zayn: ‘@Zaynmalik1D: Will you forgive me if I buy you lunch @Felicialucie ? Xx ;)’ I read the next one from Liam: ‘@Real_Liam_Payne: Sry, love, I will make it up 2 u @Felicialucie J xx’  I giggled at his typing, it was so cute! ‘@Louis_Tomlinson: Get used to it @Felicialucie, our girls mean everything to us ;) xx’ And the next one was from Niall. ‘@NiallOfficial: I’m so sorry @Felicialucie I will never do it again! I promise! xx’ And there was someone else who tweeted me. ‘@Joshdivinedrums: I know the feeling, they ditch me ALL  THE TIME! @Felicialucie ;)’  Oh, thet must be the Josh they wanted me to meet today, I tweeted him back; ‘@Felicialucie: @Joshdevinedrums I guess we’ll have to hang out a lot when they’re ditching us then J x’. My friend Emma has a major crush on Josh, I didn’t really know who he was… I mean his not in the actual band, he plays an instrument, right? I’m guessing drums since his twitter name is JoshDevine-drums. Oh well. I heard a door open from upstairs and then someone ran in the stairs. Niall came in to the kitchen. “Morning, babe! It smells great” “Good morning, Niall and thank you.” He smiled at me. “Watcha doin?” “I’m just checking up on Twitter.” “Okay, so what do you want to do until the lads wake up.” “I don’t know, what about you?” I asked. “How about we do a twitcam?” He asked. This would be a dream come true! I’ve always watched their twitcams, Well mostly Harrys but the other boys as well. I should text my friends and tell them to watch it! This is so exciting! “Yeah, sure.” I said with a warm smile. “Okay, let me just start the thing up.” “okay.” A few minutes later he started up the twitcam and I texted everyone of my contacts to watch except the boys. “Hey guys, This is Felicia! She is Harry’s childhood-best-friend and a good friend to all of us now.” He said to the screen. I smiled and waved. We looked at the questions and greetings that popped up. Leah tweeted by saying hi. “Hi Leah!” I said. We heard a door open upstairs. We both looked towards the stairs. “I think someone is waking up” Niall said. We saw a curly haired boy walk in to the room. “I smelled food.” He simply said with his morning voice. He was wearing nothing but his boxers. “Hey Hazza!” I said. “Felicia!” He said and hugged me. I laughed. “Put some clothes on, we’re doing a twitcam.” Niall said. “Nope, my house my rules.” He said with his arms still around my waist. We answered some questions and did shoutouts. We heard another door open. We waited a while until we could see who it was. Once we could see it we all screamed “LIAM!!!” “Uhm… morning.” He said. He looked at Harrys arms around my waist for a while but then looked at his feet with a sad face. What was that all about? Liam joined us while we waited for the rest. After a while Louis walked in to the kitchen. “Hello folks.” He joked. “Hey” we all said in unison. “Doing a twitcam, are we?” “Yup” I said, popping the “p”. “Is Zayn still asleep?” Niall asked. “I think so” said Louis. “Why don’t we go wake him up, 1D way?” Liam said. “Sounds like a plan to me” I said. “Let’s bring the computer with us so the fans can see.” Liam said. “I’ll take it.” I said. I took the computer in both my hands and walked up the stairs. We waited outside his room and exchanged looks. We opened the door quietly and saw Zayn sleeping sweetly. He talked in his sleep; “Noo, No pick me…I love you, pick me…Felicia I love you….” I was in shock! Did he just say ‘love’? I put the computer down and walked out of the room. I locked myself in the bathroom to recover from the shock. Zayn loved me? I took a few deep breaths and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I warmed up the breakfast and sat on a stool waiting for the lads. I took a few more deep breaths. Then I heard voices coming down the stairs. They all smiled at me when they walked in the kitchen. Harry sat down beside me. “did you tell him?” I whispered in his ear. “No” he whispered back. Zayn walked in to the kitchen. He saw me and walked over to me and hugged me. “Morning love.” He said. ‘Love’… That word hunted me. “Morning” I said. “Wow this looks great.” He said “Thanks. Okay guys, dig in!” I said.

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