Baby pals

Felicia has known Harry since birth, their mums went to school together and everything. But when Felicia was 10 years old her family had to move to Sweden.. Six years later Felicia moved to London, but Harry was busy touring so they hadn't met yet... until she and her friend went to a One Direction signing! Will Harry remember Felicia after all these years? Will it be love at first sight or will she fall for another band member?


1. 1. Getting ready




 I walked into my best friends room and saw all the posters of her favourite band, One Direction. It was weird looking at Harry, he is my childhood-friend you see. I knew him since I was three and he was five. We used to live neighbours but then he entered X-factor and moved to London. Four years later I moved to London as well but the other side. We still keep in touch and talk to each other on the phone almost every day. I never told anyone that I know Harry Styles, they wouldn’t believe me. Also he would never recognize me, back then I had braces and blonde hair now I don’t have braces and I have dark-brown hair with red dip-dye. So now here I was looking at my best friend, on a poster, in my other best friend, Leah’s room. 


”Sooooo… I’ve got the best news ever!” Leah said smiling like an idiot.

”Spit it out, Le” I said and couldn’t help smiling at her excitement.

”I got tickets!!” She yelled out

”To what?” I asked confused

”One Directions signing and to their concert!” She squeaked

”Oh, that’s great.” I said

”Great? It’s not ”great” It’s amazing!” she said

*I rolled my eyes

 ”When is it?” I asked

”Tomorrow!” she said, ”so we are going shopping”

”Okay, good let’s go!” I said


We went shopping in the mall and I found some nice clothes to wear. The next day we woke up early to get ready for the signing and the concert. I was wearing a Ramones T-shirt that my friend picked out for me, and black denim high waste shorts. Leah did my make-up and straightened my hair. I must say, it looked kind of cute.

I heard my phone make a beeping sound. The text was from Harry,


´Hi love, sorry for not calling you last night I was busy rehearsing for the show tonight. But I promise I will call you after the show! xoxo, Harry’


I replied quickly,


´Hey Styles! It’s okay I was busy hanging out with my friend anyway… I’ll talk to you tonight, xoxo Felicia`


”We’re leaving now” Leah yelled

”Okay” I said making my way to the car, and couldn’t help but to feel a bit nervous.


I got out and locked the door and walked over to the car. When I got in Leah was playing Rock Me on full volume. I couldn’t help but smile when Harry’s solo came on. Just the thoughts of meeting him in just an hour made me feel as happy as ever. I missed him so much when I lived in Sweden cause he couldn’t visit me. I can’t remember why though… but later it was because of X-factor and everything. But now after six long years I’m finally going to meet my best friend, Harry styles. My thoughts were interrupted by Leah.


“I can’t believe we’re actually meeting One Direction!!!” She half-screamed.

“Yeah..” I said, still thinking about meeting Harry.

“Do you think Harry will like me?” Leah said with a huge smirk.

I looked at her, just he thought of she and Harry, my Harry, kissing made me want to throw up.

“What’s wrong? You look sick.” Leah said worried.

“Oh, no it’s nothing” I said with a fake smile plastered on my face.

“Ok then…” She said not fully convinced.


An awkward silence filled the car. Leah was the first one to break the silence.


“We’re here” she squeaked.


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