As long as you love me, baby, I will do anything for you..

This story is abut Justin Bieber, one of the best singers, who loves this girl he saw at a concert but she doesn't love him. Not after what he did to her sister.

Does she find out the truth or does she miss the chance with Justin Bieber.

Find out what happens by reading this story.....


1. Chapter 1 - My first true love...

Justin POV

I was packing my suitcase for the tour I was going to start today. I know that I am doing this at the last minute, but I have been busy so yeah.. 

After packing my suitcase, I got the basket of treats to give to a lucky fan. As soon as I boarded the tour bus, I went on my phone on twitter and started to check a few. I replied to some and then I went onto Facebook. There I saw a girl tag me in her status which says...

Im in love with you Justin. Seriously, You are awesome and I am glad that I am coming to your concert tonight. I am so happy that I have front row tickets so hopefully, you will look out for me. Listening to my Justin Bieber playlist... <3 <3 <3 Your the best. and also check out my covers on you tube  Some are attached to this. Thank You so much If you see this but if you don't, its okay, I forgive you :D xxxxxxxx Plus, I LOVE your new song 'As Long As you Love Me' your voice is soo sweet xx 


Lots of Love,

Your Secret Admirer... <3 

PS If you see this, try and guess my name or find it out xx XD


I commented 

Thank you. Love you too and I will try and find out your name and thankss... I will look out for you if I know you. will look at everyone at the front row.. Also, I just checked out your you tube videos, If i was looking for a partner for a duet, it would definitely be you. Your a really good singer.  xx :) 

Justin Bieber

I immediately got a comment to it

Thanks Justin for taking time to read it and thank you. I would LOVE to sing with you one day plus, can you inbox me, so that this convo wont be public

I replied

Okay, add mee 

I immediately got a request. I added it and said

Got to go now. Sorry!

I got to my hotel without facing any paparazzi and laid on the bed. I started to think about this girl...


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