Unlocking Their Secret

We all know One Direction as those lovable boys from X-Factor, the ones who shout the most random stuff, love their fans, and love to show the world they aren't themselves. But is that really all there is to these 5 boys? Told from the POV of Alyssa, a former contestant of X-Factor, and a true friend to the boys.


1. An Old Friend

I was so excited to meet the boys again! I loved them all so much on the X-Factor, and I haven't seen them since they got their record deal. Now, they found me, and were coming to my house to see me. *doorbell* There they are!

I open the door to find the boys I haven't seen in 4 years. They had changed so much! Louis's hair had a quiff now, and Zayn did as well. He had a blond streak in his. Niall was now a blond, and I loved the new look on him. Liam went from having hair similar to Harry's, but now it's shaved. I think he said he did it for cancer patients. Harry still looked the same, and they all just looked so....wonderful. And they were all dressed up in blazers and ties, and I'm standing at the door in sweats and a baggy t-shirt.

"Hey boys!" I shouted and gave them all the biggest hug. Niall's lasted the longest. I always had a thing for Niall, but knew he would never like me back. I was overweight, hair was a train-wreck, and was ugly altogether. I would be the luckiest girl  in the world if he did like me back.

We started off the day getting to know our current lives. Here's what I learned about the boys:

Harry: He had thought about getting a permanent straightener a year ago, but remembered he loved his curls, and so did everyone else. He had found a girl 2 years ago, only to find out that, when he proposed 3 months ago, she had been with her ex and Harry the whole time. Now, she is married to her ex, and has a kid named Max. He's completely over her now.

Louis: Him and Eleanor are engaged, and he is waiting for Eleanor to have their baby. It's a girl. That was all of the news he told me.

Niall: He still doesn't have his girl, but he's looking for one. Yay for me!

Liam: He and Danielle got back together, and are happily married. They don't have any children. Liam had cancer, but now it's completely gone. They found the cure for it a year ago. Poor Li-Li!

Zayn: Him and Perrie were engaged, but then she moved away, and he's devastated about it. She said when she moved back they would get married and live together, but he doesn't think she'll come back.

"Oh my, you guys have faced some ups and downs! I have missed you guys, are you hungry?"

"Um, when are we not? Ha!" Niall screams, and we all leave to go to Nandos for dinner.

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