Josh lives in the near future.
A future where we don't die.
But there are too many people.
And the Government are creating a list of people to kill.
Is Josh safe anymore ???


1. The hidden Truth.


People die once and once only. No second chances, but think if mankind found a medicine to keep you alive, even at the edge of death. Well that’s my world. I live in a world with no death; my great, great, great, great grandfather is still alive babbling on about the “good days”. But the thing is the world isn’t big enough for all these people, money is big , everyone has loads, nobody is poor. The poorest would be people who earn the amount of money that a doctor earns.

 My parents are filthy rich, my mum is the boss of security in MI7 and my dad is a scientist, one of the makers of the immortal medicine. That medicine is really expensive but because we have money ,we can spend it on what we like.

”What year is it Josh boy!” great, great, great, great grandad George shakily mumbled. I thought and sighed- he always gets his years mixed up.

”It is the year 2089.” I replied. He looked at me and turned round and went into a grump. I got up and went to one of the many living rooms I have. “On!” I ordered the T.V “Hello Chanderler family what would you like to view.” I thought, cartoons, documentary.”News please!” I replied “HD, 3D or 2D master.”

“Umm.. HD and 2D please.” The TV turned to the news channel and Jim Cartney and Sara Louise were on the screen. I sat down on the sofa. “Hello and welcome to 10 past 3 news. Today government decided on what to do with over population in the world, they have made decision that the medicine will go up even more and that people will....” Before I could find out what he was going to say the TV went blank.


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