Josh lives in the near future.
A future where we don't die.
But there are too many people.
And the Government are creating a list of people to kill.
Is Josh safe anymore ???


3. Slum city

I grabbed my bike and raced down the winding streets. I was heading for the slum sewers.

My Dad had told me there was a rumour about social outcasts (ex slaves, homeless e.t.c) had created a slum community in the broken sewers in the southern hills.

If it was true; that will be the safest place.

I knew there was only one entrance on the other side to where I lived. So I had a long way to go.

By midnight I was faint and shaking from the icy atmosphere- but more from the realisation my parents had just been murdered. I wanted to roll into a ball and cry; but they would get me, so using the last of my inner strength I carried on.

 It was 3:00 am when I got to the entrance. I got off my bike; proud. But suddenly the world began to spin and I plunged into darkness...

When I woke up I was in a make shift bed. I could feel the springs poking out into my back. A sudden damp, musty, dirty smell filled my nostrils...I could definitely tell I was in the sewers.

I sat up slowly to see several people staring at me. There was a man; his clothes were dirty brown and torn (I could tell they were really old.) his wrinkles on his face were filled with dirt, his eyes bloodshot and he was clearly unshaven. Next to him was a smart looking lady. Her auburn hair was in a tight, neat bun; her clothes were slightly crinkled and worn. Her face was fresh and clean- she looked about 20. On the end was a girl; she was my age. Her hair was long and wavy. She was a dark blonde, with fair skin and vivid green eyes. She was slender- even in her baggy clothes.

She looked at me and smiled. Butterflies attacked my stomach as I smiled back.


His smile he returned made me blush. I hope he can’t see me beetroot red -even under the dim light he probably could.

I wondered why he was unconscious in a heap outside.

Why was he here?

Was he here for the same reason as me?

What’s his name?

All these questions swirled and twizzled in my head.

I looked at him curiously as he explained everything to Diana and Rob.

“The government have put me on the list of people to terminate. They came and killed my parents as I escaped. I cycled here hoping the rumours were true about the slum city. Oh! And my name’s Josh.” He grinned at the last sentence. I giggled slightly and he looked at me intently. His hazel eyes shined in the dim lit pipe room.

My eyes slowly watered; he was here for the same reason as me.


Her look twisted my stomach. She looked alone despite us three. Tears started falling down her face. She mumbled an apology and ran out.

I gave the lady a questioning look hoping she would realize what I wanted to ask. She gave a deep sigh showing she was giving in.

“Lola is here for the same reason as you- her Mother was killed during the attack.”

“What about her Dad?” I asked.

“She will tell you if she wants to.” The man grunted.

“Well...” the lady stood up. “Doctor said you are fine. Be ready for midday for lunch.” She started walking out motioning for the man to follow. “Oh! And I am Diana.” She answered my unasked question. “And this...” She pointed to the man. “Is Rob.”

“Hey!” I grinned as they left. I lay down on my wooden bed and before I could close my eyes I fell asleep...


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