Josh lives in the near future.
A future where we don't die.
But there are too many people.
And the Government are creating a list of people to kill.
Is Josh safe anymore ???


2. Hunted

Dad stormed in. “I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO WATCH THE NEWS!!!!” I glared at him and bolted to my room grabbing the paper as I went. “YOU GIVE ME THAT PAPER JOSH LEWIS REECE MYLES CHANDERLER!!” I ran to my room and the bolted the door and every window. I sat on my bed which was big enough for 6 people and opened up the paper. My eyes scanned the pages until I found what was on the T.V. :


Today the government revealed that they had created a list. This list was of people they are going to terminate to decrease the population. Only scientists and the government know who these people are and they are going to kill about 100 a day.....

I shut the paper and it fell on the floor in a crinkly mess. My head was swirling with questions. I had to know who was going to be slaughtered.......

That night I got up and dressed, and crept upstairs to the attic-my dad’s office- and went in. The room was small with a desk covered in papers and computers, the shelves stacked with bottles of organs and strange liquids. I crept to the biggest computer and switched it on. The computer sprang to life and as soon as I thought I had it a password came up.....Lucky for me I am a computer genius.

A few minutes later I had his profile loading and when it had I clicked on the list; a lot of names appeared. I scrolled down looking for people who live in sillington. When my location appeared, Julie maikingshore- didn’t know her, jimmy cartrage- Who is he ?, Josh Chanderler....... my gut twisted and squirmed, a sudden dizziness overcame me, my mouth dry. BANG!

“This is the Government Termination crew we have come for josh.” They were downstairs, I could hear kicking and screaming. I felt paralysed; I told myself to move.

I bolted for my room and grabbed a load of clothes from my wardrobe and shoved them in my rucksack, I grabbed my phone and my cash-£1945(this would last me a month if careful) and ran to my window. I couldn’t find the key to open it and could hear the G.T.C (Government Termination Crew) thundering up the stairs for me. I grabbed a chair and threw it out the window, I closed my eyes and jumped; I fell in a bush. I scrambled out of it and ran.

“Run Josh!” I heard my mother faintly scream before a gunshot which silenced her. I listened for my father; they must be dead. My throat was sore and tears prickled.... I pulled my hood up and ran. I need to stay hidden to survive.......


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