School uniforms are an un necessity

Who likes to wear their school uniform? School uniforms are an obvious un necessity and this is a persuasive piece opposing to uniforms, mainly addressed to schools. It is more of a paper/ essay than a novel/story. Please read.


1. No unifroms

I can guarantee that you have all felt uncomfortable in your school uniform before. I’m sure that you would be over whelmed if you could change it. I’m certain that all of you feel over content when you get an out-of-uniform day at school. How about feeling over content every day? Well, I believe that you should have this, that you should be able to wear your own choice of clothes every single school day, so why are our schools banning us from this opportunity by forcing us to wear dull uniforms?

We should be able to pick our own choice of wear for school. We are bound to wear our school uniforms the way our school feels pleased, but not by the way that we feel pleased. Meaning, we don’t even have a school uniform that we feel satisfied with and whenever we try to add our own touch to our uniform we are considered to be dressed inappropriately.  

Some schools have this way of thinking that says that school uniforms show the unity of the school, represents it and shows if the school is a good or bad one. Now those schools should change their old rusty rotten way of thinking because no one judges schools that way anymore, not even parents. Parents love their kids and want them to have a balanced life, containing fun and discipline. Discipline isn’t conveyed by uniform, discipline is conveyed by the way their kid behaves in situations and problems, by the way their kid is responsible and by the way that their kid can handle him or herself. Also about the part with the uniforms ‘representing the school’, this part is an absolute mistake.  People might know which school I go to now when they see me in my uniform, but after I graduate, I won’t be wearing my uniform, people will know which school I go to if they ask me or if the school I go to left a print on my personality and every other student that graduates from it. That justifies why schools should focus more on having trademarks on their students’ personalities and not on having students wear their uniforms correctly. They should focus more on having responsible students that honor them outside school. They should focus more on their students remembering their schools when they grow up and think how proud and lucky they were to go to that school. Now do you feel that strong about your school, I know you do, but when you grow up and remember your school you’ll think ‘Oh my school was a great school, but if only they would have let us wear our own clothes to school, they would have been far beyond great.’

School uniforms also restrain people’s freedom of expression. They cage their ability to express themselves. This is negative as without the right of expression in their clothes, students may turn to inappropriate hair styles, jewelry, or makeup. Even with a uniform pupils try to add their own touches by wearing certain lengths of skirt or ties done up a special way for example. Some schools even regulate this option as well and just then the school controls everything that is offered to a student steals their freedom slowly and the students have no say. Students also go through periods of discovering different angles of their personalities; their choices of clothing are one way to let others get a glimpse of their personality at school. We also have to consider that uniforms take away people’s individuality and make them clones. Why do teachers have the right to wear differently, whereas students have to wear the same?

Another reason to why uniforms are a huge unnecessity is that uniforms may not be comfortable for all students. If you are trying to learn, but you’re uncomfortable in your uniform, you would be distorted, disturbed and distracted which will negatively appeal to your learning. Some pupils have sensitive skin and like to wear 100% cotton clothing. Uniforms are mostly made from synthetics and students are likely to be uncomfortable throughout the day simply because of the fabric they are forced to wear. I personally know a friend that suffers from skin allergies and feels itchy in all types of fabric except in cotton. My friend is very irritated most of the day due to the school’s uniform and suffers in the way that the uniform is very itchy and in the way that it would be very awkward and embarrassing to itch in public.

People supporting students wearing school uniforms believe that wearing your own clothes to school causes bullying due to people judging others by what they wear. Even though, wearing a uniform does not stop bullying. People know if a person belongs to a certain group due to their general personality, hair or friends. Also pupils mostly get bullied due to things that can't be changed or hidden like accent, race, weight etc. It doesn't matter if they are wearing the uniform, people will still judge other less "cool" kids because of the uniform and the way they wear it. We have to face it; the phenomena of bullying cannot be fully abolished with or without uniforms (they aren't related topics), and that’s what people have to start realizing. Some also object to letting students wear what they want because of the danger of wearing inappropriate outfits, but I think if certain rules are followed and a dress code is put in place, then danger can be avoided. Even if all this is true, uniforms create a false sense of security. Meaning even if uniforms have everyone treated equally in the sense of the decrease of bullying; the outside world does not run as orderly and smoothly as in school. Of course all parents want to protect their children from any harm, but by fooling them into a safe environment, they are put at more risk than ever.

Also many families are struggling in today's economy and are trying to save as much money as they can. Having to pay for regular clothes and uniforms start to add up to the family's expenses, as uniforms may not be comfortable for students and they cannot wear them outside school. School uniforms can also be expensive. Unless laundry is done every day, a child will need several shirts, pants, skirts or outerwear. The average spent on uniforms per year is anywhere from 100 $ to 120 $ per student, which isn’t a small amount of money for uniforms only.

Why not start with a small step? Why not allow students to wear their own clothes only some of the time, like every Thursday? Why not let students choose their uniforms? Why not increase the number of out-of-uniform days? All these are solutions that can gradually lead to letting students wear their own clothes to school and solve all the former problems.

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