Never Stop For Anyone

Spencer had it perfect , Perfect Grades , Perfect Family , Perfect Boyfriend and Perfect Friends. Then her cousin Liam asks her to spend the summer with him and his mates.


3. Chapter Two : The Buddy System

I woke up and took a long shower. Today I was going to make the room as my old friends would say 'Spenceified'. I put up some pics of me and my friends, I wrote some of my Favroutie quotes with Chock on the wall, I put on a black paint splattered blanket on my bed and purple pillows. I hook up a radio and docking station. I hear a knock at the door. " come in!" I call, Niall walks in as I start to set up my makeup table. " we're going to an interview today, do you wanna come?" Niall asks looking around the room. " uh, sure Niall " I said smiling. " okay get ready. " Niall said waking out of the door. I close the door and change into this [ ]. I walk downstairs and see Niall eating come cookies. " isn't a bit early for cookies Niall ?" I ask smiling. " IT'S NEVER TO EARLY FOR COOKIES!" He yells. " okay , okay , calm your tits" I say" no ! My tits wanna run free" Niall yells. I laugh at his statement. We hear a horn honk. " what the fu-" Niall started.i covered his mouth with mt hand," DON'T SWAR!" Harry tells walking into the house. I laugh and grab my bag. " let's goooo" Niall said running out of the house. I laugh and follow him out with Harry. Me and Harry kept flirting with each other in the car so we became flirting buddies. Niall is my food buddy , Zayn said he would take me to get a tattoo soon  so we are now tattoo buddies. Me and Louis are friends. I guess. We don't talk as much as I do with Niall of Zayn. We get to the interview studio and the boys start. I'm watching from backstage. The boys are asked questions and they awnser them. The interview lasted for about 1 hour and they came backstage. I was eating some candy I found in my bag. We drive back to Harry and Louis'. We all decided we were going to play truth or dare Niall version. So every time you awnser a question truthfully or you complete a dare you get to take a shot of whiskey.    ~Later that night ~   Everyone has passed out by now except for me and Louis. I turn to face him and smile. " so are you single?" Louis asked me. I nod and he smiled " me too" I said smiling.    ~Louis~    She's single too ! Maybe I can ask her out but you know when I get to know more about her. " so I have to ask you a really important question " Spencer said to me. I nod at her " what's your favourite pattern on a bra?" Spencer asked. I raise an eyebrow and shrug " Pink with blue hearts" I said smiling at her. I look into her icy blue eyes, they gave me chills when I look into them. I started to lean in as did Spencer. We were centimetres apart when Zayn jumped up in his sleep. His eyes open. Spencer and I jump apart from each other. Her cheeks turn a bright shade of pink. Zayn raised an eyebrow at us. " I had something in my eye and Louis was trying to help me get it out" Spencer lied. Wow she was a good liar. Zayn nodded and fell asleep again. " Come on, you can sleep in my room" I said to her." I don't wanna move" Spencer said. I picked her up and brought her to my room. I kissed her forehead and turned out the light after I layed her down on the bed. I walk back downstairs and grab a non-erase marker and write Spencer in my hand. I walk over to the couch and fall asleep with Spencer the only thing in my mind.
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