Ally lost her family when she was 10, they were kidnapped and drowned.
Now she has lost her best friend at 15.
Ally wants to find the killers.
And someone knows them.
They send her notes, clues.
He calls himself the ghostwriter.
He has put himslef in danger to help Ally.
Ally wants to know who it is.....


2. The first letter

Ally stepped into the main building, several groups of kids gave her an evil stare as if to say
"You killed her! " Ally huddled up. Some people gave her looks of sympathy, but half these people didn't know Carly so this annoyed Ally deeply. She sat in the back of the class silent while people attempted to ask her; she just ignored.
By lunch Ally was fed up and about to break down into a fit of tears-Monday was the day Carly and Ally would go and jump the queue for chips at lunch. Ally was provoked by how all the teachers were giving her "special treatment" because of her empty seat next to her in every class. Even Mr Jones the most evil teacher to walk this earth let her off for not doing homework.
Now when you need a partner there was an odd number; Ally had nobody to go with.
After her tasteless chips in hall in the enjoyment of the company of herself Ally went to her locker to grab her Art book. She turned the dial until the locker clicked open, all the door was covered in pictures of her and Carly from every year till now... Her latest picture was of them at a park upside down on the monkey bars... Ally choked as tears cascaded down her face; she grabbed her art book when an envolope fell out... Ally wiped her tears away and picked up the perfect White envolope, she turned it round to see her name written on it in neat bubbly writing. She tore the envolope off carefully and opened up the paper and she slowly read:
I know your friend Carly was killed...I was there.
I know your parents were kidnapped and drowned...I saw their lat moments.
I can assure you I didn't murder either; but I know who did. I cannot tell you for then I will be tracked and killed but I can give you clues to help you. If you want to find out who killed them then reply to this. Leave the note by the 5th tree from the gym. If you choose to carry on I will leave my notes in your locker. Don't change your locker code either. To get you started I can tell you 2 things:
1. They were both murdered
2. They were both murdered by the same person.

The Ghostwriter

Ally scrunched up the paper. She had to find out more.
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