Ally lost her family when she was 10, they were kidnapped and drowned.
Now she has lost her best friend at 15.
Ally wants to find the killers.
And someone knows them.
They send her notes, clues.
He calls himself the ghostwriter.
He has put himslef in danger to help Ally.
Ally wants to know who it is.....


1. Carly

The coffin was lowered into the ground, Ally just stood there ,tears prickling in her eyes, stinging their way out and finally slipping down her cheek and her shaky chin before dropping onto the grass. The sun was shining down on the group, but Ally couldn’t feel the warmth beating down on her, all she felt was coldness, all life seemed grey and dead to her nothing seemed worth living for. As prayers and memories were said she fell into a trail of thought,” why me, whenever I have something good, something worth living for, I grasp it but it dies, turns grey and crumbles into unfixable pieces.”  Her foster Mum, Claire puts an arm round her attempting to comfort but Ally just shrugs it off.

At the end of the service everyone walked off , all you could hear was the howling of a broken hearted woman with many people trying to soothe her, Ally looked at the coffin, she wanted to get in, she wanted to snuggle up with her best friend once again. “But now’s she’s gone” She thought “Dead and she’s not coming back” She pictured her and her best friend, Carly walking across the road, when they got to the other side Carly ran back onto the road, her Grandma’s bracelet had come off, she ran back on but it was too late, a black BMW raced down the road Carly looked at the car and then looked at her “Ally!” she screamed the car had knocked her down her head hit the floor and she saw blood, lots of blood. By now Ally was screaming for help about 20 people had called the police or ambulance but Ally ran onto the road, she sat besides her trying to stop the blood seeping from her head “You’re my best friend Ally.” Carly whispered in a faint shaky voice, “ I...I know and you are mine and you always will be.” Ally said with tears streaming down her face. Carly then fell silent, her head dropped back, she was dead, Ally placed her head on Carly’s chest hoping for a sign of life but their was nothing. Police cars and Ambulances had arrived Ally clung on to her best friend but they pulled her off, she struggled and screamed trying to be reunited with her best friend but they dragged her to a police car and drove her away. She rested her head on the window looking out, above the horizon. She tried to forget about the trauma but it was no use, she arrived at the police station, she knew she was going to be questioned.

A policeman took her into a room; it was a perfect square shape with white walls a table in the centre of the room with two chairs either side, a lamp hanging overhead. She was sat down in a seat and the man sat on the other.

“What happened at cross Life Avenue, sweetie?” The policeman asked. He was tall and chubby but he had a nice smile, Ally stuttered “Well....we...we....were....walking to scho..ol.. and... and”

“Yes and,” the policeman said calmly. “And a black BMW hit her and killed her!” Ally sobbed, the policeman was writing this all down in a notepad. “And did you see who it was?” He asked. “No.” Ally whispered. “OK you are free to go your Mum should be outside.” He replied “Foster mum.” She said irritably as she made her way to the door “ by the way what is your name and do you know the name of the girl in the incident?” Ally paused and sighed “ Her name Carly Jolson and mine is Ally Jenson...she was my friend”

“OK” he said while scribbling down notes and with that she went out.

The thought of seeing Carly in such a state made her feel sick, it had started to rain, lightly but not even the coldness effected Ally. She walked up to the coffin with Claire right behind her and took off her bracelet that Carly had given her “You were the best thing that has happened to me in ages, you will still always be my best friend and I will hopefully be yours.” A thought came into her head, who was the killer? “I am going to find the killer.” Whispered Ally so Claire couldn’t hear, “I will find him to give you freedom and justice.” Ally placed the bracelet by her marble grave along with all the other presents, letters and flowers that people had bought to show their respect. She knelt down on the muddy floor and traced the words on the grave here lies Carly Jolson a beloved daughter and friend let her soul open up in the field of happiness in heaven. Ally snivelled as her eyes welled up with tears, she kissed the grave and trudged back to the car with Claire by her side.

In the car it was silent, Ally rested her head against the window, her parents had been killed when she was  10, her friend was killed when she was 15, Claire was the only thing left, she was a best friend to her, but Carly was like a sister. She was the world to Ally. The car chugged to a Holt; they were home, a small flat in the centre of Derby. They got out and went to the door. They were at the top so they had to take the lift. It stunk worse than this morning with ripped pamphlets and cigarettes all over the floor. Claire pressed floor 20 and it started moving, there was an awkward silence in lift neither of them spoke, it was several minutes until they got to their floor, they got out and went to room 56 and turned the key. The flat was fairly small it had two bedrooms either side of the main room which consisted of a kitchen in the back left corner and a dining table by the side, a sofa and T.V. in the front right corner and by it was a book shelf which had old magazines and ripped out articles from the paper. Ally went straight to her room. Ally’s room was a box room with a bed, desk and wardrobe in it. It has a wooden floor with light pink walls with cats and dogs posters plastered everywhere along with the odd One Direction poster. Her desk was cluttered with the Harry Potter books, pens, magazines, text books, essays and school books. She pushed all that aside and lay out the morning paper. The front headline was Young girl hit by a car, Ally scrunched it up, how did the press know, it was only a week ago. She sighed and went to watch T.V. hoping it would take her mind off things, Claire was in the kitchen preparing tea, but Ally wasn’t hungry she switched on the news and of coarse it was Carly, she instantly changed channel and watched Eastenders omnibus. She wasn’t watching it, she was just staring into space, doing nothing. Claire gave her some pasta but she just left it, she couldn’t look at Claire’s disappointed face as she pushed it away, she did feel guilty but she didn’t want to eat.

The weekend was spent inside only nibbling tiny amounts of food to try and not feel guilty for wasting Claire’s time, she was at work all day but at her lunch breaks she would come and check on Ally. Ally just looked at Claire and smiled on the Sunday, Claire thought it was a sign but she was wrong, Ally went back to the screen. There was only one thing Ally was scared about and that was the thought of going back to school, people laughing, joking and whispering as she would pass by. She huddled up even more.


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