In the land of Melosia a girl was born only if something terrible was going to happen. One stormy night Jessabell was born. This blonde hair, violet eyed baby was destined to save the island. With Lovella's help Jessabell and Lovella would save the island and possibly fall in love along the way.


2. Welcome home

     "Lydia, I don't understand why she still has violet eyes," King Braxton said. "Most children grow out of them by time they are about six months old. Should we take her to the doctor my dear?"

     "No Jesabell is perfectly healthy and happy. Lets not take her to the doctor just yet." Lydia said cradling one year old Jessabell in her arms. " Lovella should be here shortly to watch after her so we can go into town and greet our subjects."

     The doorbell rang and Lydia hurried downstairs to greet Lovella. When she opened the door she gasped. Lovella had violet eyes and blonde hair exactly like Jessabell.

     "May I please come in my lady?" asked Lovella wearily. She curtsied and bowed her head waiting for a response.

     "Yes, yes, of course. We will be back late tonight. if you have any questions, Jack will help you, He is out the main door and to the left," Lydia stated.

     "Thank you my lady," Lovella stuttered.

     As she came inside she hesitate. She had never been inside an actual castle before . She was in awe. Lydia had ran upstairs to fetch something. Lovella was standing in the center of the room going in circles to try ad take it all in. She was surprised the queen had asked her to come and live with them to help watch over Jessabell.

     "Don't be shy. This is now your home. Here, put one of these on. I will show you to your room. Then to Jessabell," Lydia gave her a stack of dresses then led Lovella to her room.

     Lovella's room was huge. She had a beautiful view of the ocean on one side and the view of the town on the other. She quickly went through her dresses and pt on a long green dress. The dress what sparkly. The shoulders were puffy with see through sleeves. The right side has a sparkly dragonfly broach. Lydia was waiting outside of Lovella's room. When Lovella come out Lydia nodded in approval the went down the hall to Jesabell's room.

     Braxton was waiting in Jessabell's room. He was rocking Jessabell in her crib. When they entered the room Braxton stood up. Lovella curtsied and bowed her head. When she lifted her head Braxton gasped in amazement. He was shock that Lovella look like Jessabell. When Lovella saw Jessabell she smiled. She was happy that he finally met someone who looked like her.

     "We have to get going. Give Jessabell her milk around seven and put her in her crib. Remember, Jack is right outside if you need anything, and I mean ANYTHING!" Lydia stated. Braxton and Lydia left the room.

     After they left I picked up Jessabell and set her on the floor. I turned away for a few moments and when I looked back she had a bottle of milk and toys scatterd around. At first I was frightend because when I set her down she was on an empty rug. I thought I was seeing things at first. I rubbed my eyes and when I opened them up Jessabell was gone. I started to freak out. I lost the king and queen's daughter! I started to panic.

     I ran downstairs to Jack to see if he has seen her. Jessabell may have only been one, but she learned to crawl at an early age. I ran up to Jack, tears in my eyes, and said, "Please tell me you have seen Jessabell... I am freaking out. I set her down on the floor for a few moments and when I looked back she was gone." Tears were streaming down my my face.

     "It's okay, clam down. We will find her!" Jack said calmly. All of the sudden I heard a quiet giggle. I ran into the kitchen to find Jessabell laughing. I ran over to her. I picked her up and gave her a hug. I gave Jack a hug to. After that I took Jessabell back to her crib. I layed her down and then I went for a walk. I went out to the courtyard to relax. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up I was in my bed.

     That morning I went downstairs for breakfast. Jack was waiting for me. He had fixed me a plate . The food look amazing. He said, "I hope you don't mind but last night you feel asleep on the bench. It was freezeing out. I carried you inside. I told the king and queen you had a rough night and decided to go to sleep early."

     "Wow, thank you. You are really nice," I said. I went up to see Jessabell, she had nothing in her hands then two seconds later she had a teddy bear. I never even blinked. I wondered if I was seeing things like the other night. I decided to ask her mother.

     "Lydia, I was wondering if you had noticed anything "speical" about your daughter Jessabell," I said.

     "Not that I know of lovella, why?" she asked.

      "No reason I was just wondering. Well I best be off," I stated. I ran out of the room and into Jessabell's room. She had nothing in her crib when I left, when I came back her crib was full of toys. I then realized how special Jessabell really was.

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