In the land of Melosia a girl was born only if something terrible was going to happen. One stormy night Jessabell was born. This blonde hair, violet eyed baby was destined to save the island. With Lovella's help Jessabell and Lovella would save the island and possibly fall in love along the way.


1. Born

     One stormy night long ago on the island of Melosia, a child was born. The child was a beautiful girl. There had not been a girl born in over thirteen years. Her mother and father were Queen Lydia and King Braxton. They had no idea what to name there baby girl, so they held a contest throughout the island. Thousands upon thousands of name were entered. Some of the names were very unusual like Ava-Nicole and some of the names were normal like Maddie.

     A week later they finally found the perfect name, Jessabell The sender of the name was anonymous. Jessabell had violet eyes and blonde hair. Queen Lydia thought is was very unusual that her daughter had violet eyes and blonde hair. Her side of the family all had brown or black eyes and brown while and King Braxton's side of the family all had blue or brown eyes and black hair. They figures she would grow out of the color of her eyes sooner or later and get brown, black, or blue eyes. They had no idea how special there baby girl was.

     There was a reason nobody had ever had a girl in Melosia. All of the girls were only born if something terrible was going to happen. This was only because a witch had cast a spell over the island after the last girl, Lovella, had been born thirteen years ago. After that only boys were born.

    Nobody knew of the curse the witch had cast over them. Everybody thought that Jessabell was a little miracle. Lovella was the only one who knew something was not right. She could feel it in her gut. From the moment she met Jessabell. Lovella had the power ti tell the future of somebody by just touching them. When she was not able to tell of Jessabell's future she became frightened for her. Nobody knew of Lovella's power either. She was not allowed to speak of anything that she knew of the witch would kill her.

     Jessabell was a quite child, she did not cry at all. When she wanted something all she did was think of what she wanted, and it magically appeared. She never used her power around her parents. Only Lovella knew about her power. Together. Kirsten and Jessabell would help save thee island. Neither of them knew it at the time, but when Jessabell turned eight Lovella  and her would start Jessabell's training. When  the time came, the would fight of the terrible disaster.

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