Goodbye Forever

hello ! my name is Ellie and i am a Model. It has been my life long dream to do this. I am also dating a boy named Harry styles, yes we have been dating for 5 years and yes i love him but i have a feeling he doesnt feel the same way.....


1. The Medow

Autors note i decided to change this whole chapter and everything else because i didnt like it so yeah 

Ellie's Pov

Harry was chasing me as we ran through the meadow were me and harry first met and were he asked me out. i decided to slow down expecting Harry to hold my hand but i was wrong about that he tackled me ! Me and him Laughed and starred at the sky doing that cute thing we decided to look at the clouds and say what they looked like and stuff. i turn over and look into Harry's beautiful green eyes i smiled i love him so much and i know he loves me i smiled and he smiled too i held his hand he let go and rubbed his arm and looked away i got so confused about that and let it go and just stared at the sky

Harry's Pov

I love Ellie but not really now i would brake up with her but i hate seeing Ellie cry its like taking a toy or something from a baby and they start crying yeah its just like that. And tomorrows our 5 year anniversary and i just cant brake up with her. i look at her and i can tell shes hurt i speak and say " Ellie im--- " save it Harry she says bluntly. i could tell shes pissed because she hardly ever calls me harry its either babe or harry beary. i get up and say we should head home and reach my hand up so she could get up too but instead she pushes it away and gets up on her own and jogs through the trees i pick up the picnic basket and blanket and walk to my car. When i get there Ellie's not there instead shes by the lake watching the fishes i put the stuff in the back and walk over to her i sit by her and say come on Ellie we have to go and get ready for Louis's Party she nods and follows me to my car i open the door for her and she gets in and sits down i shut the door ( turn the light on.. lol sorry i just had to ! ) and get in the drivers seat i start the car and and drive we say nothing to each other and its just silence. Ellie i say she turns on the radio and our song Last first kiss plays and she turns it up i knew that was her favorite song on the album so i didn't bother to turn it off. We finally arrive home, Me and Ellie lived together in this huge house it had three stories three because the boys come and visit from time to time and they have there own floor. i parked the car and we both got out and i unlocked the house and Ellie ran in her room and locked it. Ellie had three rooms one for her clothes, shoes, and makeup another was her private room and one me and her shared. i went our room changed into a white V neck and some pants. when i finished i texted Louis saying were on our way just waiting on ellie. i waited then Ellie came out looking Beautiful she wore some pink shorts, A black tank top with a white and black stripped cardigan for her shoes it was black sandles and she carried her black Gucci bag and walked out the door i sighed and walked out locking the door. i unlocked the car and we both got in and drove away to Louis house. She started the radio again and Nobody compares by us played when we arrived the song stopped we parked the car and Ellie started walking away i grabbed her hand and crashed my lips into mine she kissed back and pulled away then smiled i smiled back and opened the door. SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE !!! screamed everyone she jumped back and smiled thank you guys so much she said happily then The boys came out and hugged her she hugged them back and went to look for Eleanor. i sat with the boys and we started drinking and talking storys. 

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