Chloe has just watched her family kill themself.
She was now being held hostage.
All this man wants is a thing.
He doesn't know what it is but if he has is he can control life itself.
And only Chloe knows what the thing is.


1. The end

I was being firmly held by two or three people. From the way they were holding me I knew they were men. I couldn't see as I had a sack covering my head. They whipped the sack off and a bright white light shone straight at me. I had been wrestled into a chair and strapped there. The pain in my chest was overwhelming- I got hit hardest there, probably breaking several ribs.

I could see him pacing the room. His head bowed and a strong frown written on his face. His eye was black from where I hit him and his arm bandaged from where I sent a knife through it... He was holding something; it glinted in the light. The room echoed his steps and he slowly approached me.

"Where is it Chloe." He said calmly, he was trying to get me to talk. I wasn't falling for the I am trying to help you act. I had just watched him threaten and beat my parents over something they gave me. I could see how much pain he had inflicted in my Mother's eyes before she shot Dad and herself. I was hiding; we had drills to practise to make sure I hid well. I always had to hide near a door or window so I could escape, it had to be in a shadow so it was hard to see me.

All that training all came to that 5 minutes, none of it helped. Well, only the punching and kicking and knives helped when I tried to escape.

His face was inches away from mine, I could smell his minty/bloody breath. I spat in his face and he turned away in disgust; when he turned back he slapped me round the face.

"Don't make this hard Chloe; where is it ?" I knew what he wanted; I wasn't prepared to give him it though. Not even today on christmas.

"Don't ruin the festive mood Chloe. I always thought you liked christmas ??" He chuckled showing a row of red stained teeth.

"Well I did like christmas before you came and killed my family." I snarled. He tutted and smiled again making my fists tighten.

"My dear; I didn't kill them.. they killed themselves." He grinned again.

"They wouldn't have if you didn't show up to try a pathetic robbery; and you still don't have what you want." I said through my gritted teeth. "You are probably the worst criminal...ever." I smiled. He rapidly turned round and came close again; this time our noses touching.

" I will find it even if it takes till easter." He growled. I returned a frown- it was only polite. He paced the room again, this time stroking the thing in his hand. It glinted revealing what it was; a knife. He slowly walked up to me, grabbed my arm. I tried to resist but he was a fully grown man and I was only 15. He placed the  knife just touching my skin; and then he pressed it down hard. I let out a yelp and he laughed as the red liquid ran down my arm.

"Come on Chloe; it doesn't have to be this way.." He sighed. I was cut in several places but still I didn't give in. I was slowly starting to cry , blood was in my mouth. I must have been biting down on my tongue.

Suddenly he stopped and stood up. "We will give you 3 hours Chloe; to decide if you want to give it us and we will leave you; or if you want to carry on being a stubborn madame and we won't be as forgiving." He walked off with two men following.

I took a first proper look at where I was. It was an old warehouse (so origional...not) with piles of wooden boxes and a few dusty windows. It was massive.

Now how do I escape ????

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