George, My Little Monkey

George Shelley decides to do a twitcam on 23rd November, 2012 with JJ. They answer some questions by the viewers and they crack some jokes, but when one girl, Ellie, comes on and discovers the twitcam, she opens the twitcam and the first thing she hears is George saying something awkward so she tweets something awkward... (Insipired by the story: It all started with a twitcam and a tweet)


3. I like you


"Hey Natasha! You fancy coming around my house?" I yell after Natasha after our last lesson, Maths. She turns around, "Ya sure! Can I call your boyfriend when we get to your house?" Natasha smiles and she waits for me to catch up with her, when I finally catch up with her, I say, "My boyfriend? I don't have one," "You do you idiot! George!" She whispers into my ear. I start to walk out of the gates, "George is not my boyfriend! We're just friends," I say, blushing lightly, "You both would look adorable together, trust me!" Natasha teases while walking next to me. I playfully punch her on her arm, and we both walk to my house, laughing and teasing each other. When we arrive at my house, she grabs my phone out of my hands and she locks herself in the bathroom. "OPEN UP! DON'T YOU DARE CALL GEORGE!" I shout, banging the bathroom door, "I was going to call somebody else, but now that you mention George, I'll call him!" Natasha said, laughing. I screamed, "DON'T PLEASE!! TELL HIM ANYTHING, BUT NOT THAT I LIKE HIM!" "What? You like him?" Natasha said, surprised. "YES I DO! SO PLEASE DON'T CALL HIM!!!" I squeal through the door. "I'll call him this minute and tell him that you like him. Well, that's what best friends do" Natasha replies, laughing loudly. Then I heard some ringing, then George's perfect deep Southern voice replied, "Hello!" "Hey! It's Natasha, Ellie's best friend. I have something to tell you," Natasha replies

(Script mode to make it easier)

George: "What's up?"

Natasha: "Uhhmmm"

Ellie: "DON'T YOU DARE!!"

George: "Was that Ellie?"

Natasha: "Yep, and I have locked myself in the bathroom to tell you one special thing that Ellie is too scared to tell you,"

George: "What is it?"

Ellie: "Please, Natasha, please don't tell him. He will hate me."

Natasha: "Ellie doesn't want you to know that she seriously is mad about you, and she's IN LOVE WITH YA! She doesn't want to tell you because she thinks you will hate her,"

George: "Aww, bless Ellie. Tell Ellie that I will never hate her"

Natasha: "No, she, well, she have a crush on you!" 

George: "Oh well... uhmm... Oh is it the time already? *mimes Josh's voice* It's time for our prastice!"

Natasha: "Oh well, okay, bye George"

George: "Tell my lil panda that I wuv her too"

Natasha: "Aww, I will! Byee"

George: "Bye Natasha,"

George hangs up

(Back to story mode!!)

 Natasha unlocks the bathroom door, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?!" I yell, "George says that he wuvs his lil panda." Natasha replies, grinning like mad. "WHY THE HECK ARE YOU HAPPY?!" I rage, "Well, I think George likes you too. He just mimed Josh's voice to get off the phone to avoid my awkward question about you liking him." Natasha says, then she runs downstairs into the kitchen to fix herself a drink. I run downstairs after Natasha and I make myself some drink, then I went into my bedroom with Natasha, "So, are you joking or not? About George miming Josh's voice?" I ask curiously. "I'm sure I made it clear that I wasn't joking," Natasha replies, smiling. She handed me my phone back. About fifteen minutes, after Natasha told me every detail on how she met Harry, my phone started to vibrate, new DM from @UnionJworld. I opened the direct message from UnionJ, unsure if it was George or the other boys. Hey my lil panda. I heard you have a crush on me, George xx.

(Script mode again!)

Ellie: Hey my lil monkey, well, where did you hear that? xx

George: Uhh, your best friend Natasha, told me about half a hour ago, and I have been doing some serious thinking... George xx

Ellie: Natasha was joking about it. What were you thinking about? xxx

George: Well... I umm.... I think I like you too... George xxx

Ellie: Oh.. Umm... well, I dunno what to say... xxx

George: Well, just say it! Say that you like me back. Don't deny it... George xxx

Ellie: Well, I do like ya. Happy now lil monkey? xx

George: Good panda :3 Talk to you tonight? About eight-ish? I have to go! George xxx

Ellie: Goodbye my lil monkey x

George: Goodbye my lil panda x

My phone started to ring and I picked it up, "Ellie? I have to tell you something," Josh said

(My friend is winding me up because he's next to me and he read the whole chapter :3)

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