The Violin of Dreams

We're all waiting for the perfect boy...
But he will come when you least expect it...
And when you finally meet him...
The simple word "hi" can create a hole new world...


1. The Violin of Dreams


In breaking dawn the melody plays

A simple girl with her violin stands

In rain, snow and wind, all the days

She creates with her white cold hands



The violin sings with love and hate

The girl dances with sorrow and joy

Dream and wait, it will never be too late

She keeps waiting for the perfect boy


Together the violin and she create a voice

In despair of love and hate they dance

In a blur of dreams they wait for a choice

They will keep waiting for the perfect chance


A tear finds its way down her cheek

Times like this she wants to drown

For a moment she could just be weak

But she won’t be the one to break down


So yeah she keeps waiting for love to show

The violin makes her strong and brave

She isn’t afraid the hopelessness will overflow

Course someday a simple boy will make her safe


In the sunset music and dreams fly

Dreams stay when music dies away

She knows dreams never say goodbye

And one day she with the perfect boy will play

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