would you love me still?

Victoria and her best friend Ashley move to London. once settled in, vicky goes on a morning run in a near by park when she runs into Louis tomlinson. it was love at first sight. their relationship blossoms hitting a few bumps on the road.

hope you enjoy c:


2. meeting the boys.

*i apologize in advance for this is going to be a short chapter. the next chapter is going to be very long*


louis's POV

"hey guys, this is victoria. i met her at the park. she's also our new neighbor." i said with a smile. liam hopped up off of the couch and immediately went over to victoria.

"hello victoria, im liam. its very nice to meet you." liam said. he seemed a little too excited to meet victoria. i can tell when liam likes a girl, and i knew instantly that he liked victoria. problem is that i like her too. danielle just broke up with liam about a month ago, and he was taking it pretty hard. then all of a sudden once victoria walks in, his eyes lit up. i didnt like it. i recently broke up with eleanor. i just didnt feel like she was the girl for me. she was serious all the time, she never seemed to smile when she was with me, not that i didnt much smiling with her either, but she just wasnt for me.

Victoria's POV

liam seemed very friendly. he didnt seem as serious as most people say.

"hello liam." i responded. before he could say anything else louis said something.

"uh so im gonna take victoria up to my room." he said. he lead me up to his room. his room was actually quite cool. i liked it. the walls were covered in letters, songs, poetry, quotes, and pictures. his room was like one big scrap book. i loved it.

"wow. its amazing." i said, looking at the walls.


Louis's POV

"thanks." i said. while she was looking at the walls i whipped out my phone and snapped a quick picture of her. i know how creepy that must be but i just has to capture her beauty. we sat down on my bed and asked her a question.

"whats your favorite color?" i asked.

"grey, whats yours?" she asked.

"red.. whats your favorite movie?" i asked. questions like this went on for hours. i learned so much about her. she was amazing. her favorite animal was a walrus, and she invited me over tomorrow so she could show me her walrus shrine. she was very funny. i liked her a lot. and my crush on her grew bigger and bigger by the minute.

she then got a text.

Victoria's POV

i got a text from ashley.

it read: VICKY! you've been gone all day!? im worried sick! where the hell are you!?

i completely forgot to text her back.

"shoot i have to go! ashleys worried about me, come by tomorrow at anytime so i can show you my amazing walrus shrine!" i said as i walked out of his room.

when i got home ashley was flipping out. boy, i had a lot to tell her.

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