would you love me still?

Victoria and her best friend Ashley move to London. once settled in, vicky goes on a morning run in a near by park when she runs into Louis tomlinson. it was love at first sight. their relationship blossoms hitting a few bumps on the road.

hope you enjoy c:


3. getting to know him.

victoria's POV

"heyyyy...." i said, stretching my greeting.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?" she asked, nearly screaming.

"oh i met someone at the park. we hung out at his house. no biggie." i said calmly, looking in the cabinets for food.

"what guy!? OH. MY GOD. WHAT GUY!? YOU MET A GUY!" she was going insane. its been 3 years so this reaction wouldnt surprise me.

"yes ashley, i met a guy." i said, keeping my cool. i was pretty excited too. i didnt meet just any guy.  i met the cutest, funniest, most amazing guy.

"well when am i gonna meet him!? whats his name!? is he cute!? do you-" i cut her off.

"look, he's coming over tomorrow. you'll meet him then." i said running up to my room. i locked the door, turned on my kindle fire, and started writing. i was too lazy to go on my laptop. i clicked on the notepad and wrote about what happened today. i also started typing about how much i loved my new room. it was big, and i could do whatever i wanted with it. it also had a back door. surprising since i was on the 3rd floor. but outside the back door were a long flight of stairs. so technically anyone could climb the stairs and walk right into my room. but i was sure to always have it locked.

at about 11 o'clock at night, i heard a knock at the back door in my room. i looked through the little hole at the top of the door, i looked through it and saw louis standing there. i unlocked the door and opened it, allowing louis in.

"hey what are you doing here?" i asked.

"um i know this is kinda creepy, coming to your house at 11 at night but i never got your number." he said, smiling. i laughed. i ran over to my dresser, ripped a piece of paper out of my notebook, and wrote my number on it.

"here." i said, handing him the folded piece of paper. he smiled.

"thanks, oh and is it ok if i come over at like 10 am?" he asked.

"yeah that would be fine." i replied.

"see you tomorrow." he said, and skipped down the stairs. i closed the door and locked it. a few seconds late i got a text. 

it read: Hello victoria :D -louis

i replied: Hello louis c: -victoria.

we texted for about 2 hours, and then he stopped. i assumed he fell asleep. i stayed up until about 3, then fell asleep for about 2 hours. so i woke up at 5 and didnt bother trying to go to sleep after that.   insomnia sucks.


louis's POV

i was texting victoria til about 1 last night. then i fell asleep. i was so excited to go over to victorias today. before i knew it, it was 10 am. i skipped downstairs, and flew right past the boys.

"where you heading off to louis?" i heard liam ask.

"oh... just going over to victorias." i replied, eager to go over there.

"oh well tell her hi for me k?" he asked.

"sure." i said skipping out of the house. i absolutely knew he liked her. its not juts me getting paranoid, i know when liam likes a girl, and he likes victoria. i really dont want this to become a problem, but i think it will.

*ding dong* i stood at victoria's door. i didnt bother trying the front door.

"hey! come in!" she said, holding the door open. i stepped inside and looked around at her room. it was very unique. i looked over at her dresser, that had a large mirror hovering over it. on the edges of the mirror were pieces of paper. all with writing on them. i looked a little closer. all letters from the same guy.

"i thouht you say you didnt have a boyfriend." i said, dissappointed.

"i dont." she replied.

"then who are these letters from? they say how much he loves you in all of them." i say.

"their from my uncle. kind of the main reason i came here. he lived here, in London. he was my best friend." she said."

"was your best friend?" i asked.

"yeah, he died when i was 13." she said, looking down at her hands.

"oh im sorry... how did he die if you dont mind me asking?" i asked.

" he died of aids, he was gay." she said. i looked at her mirror again. in the very center of her mirror was a picture of her and a tall guy in what looked like his twenties. im assuming the guy in the photo was her uncle. he looked like a cool dude. i decided to break the sad silence by bringing up her walrus fasination.

"so! how about that walrus shrine!" i said excitedly. she giggled. she had the cutest laugh. it was adorable. she led me to her closet. she opened the closet door and there it was. a whole shrine dedicated to walrus'. i just wnated to kiss her right then and there. she was so adorable. she was cute, funny, beautiful, silly, amazing, perfect. and shes got a shrine dedicated to walrus'. the girl's got spunk. instead of pushing my limits and kissing her, i gave her a great big hug. then all of  a sudden, someone burst in the door. a girl stood in the doorway, and started screaming right when she saw me.

"ashley, calm yourself. hold on louis, ill be right back." victoria said while pushing the girl out the door. i nodded. i heard murmmurs outside the door, but i couldnt make put what they were saying. then their voices got louder, to where i could hear them.

"so louis tomlinson was the guy you were hagning out with yesterday? and you didnt tell me!?" i heard the girl say.

"yes. now calm yourself please. you're going to scare him." victoria said.

"well do you like him!?" the girl said.

"well i dont know,,, he's very sweet and nice. plus adorable. but he would never like me." victoria said. which wasnt true at all. i did like her. more than a friend. and its only been one day. she's just that amazing.

"oh c'mon. i walk in there and he has his arms wrapped around you. i think he likes you." the girl says.

"he's known me for a day. even if he had known me for a year, he wouldnt like me." victoria said.

"and why couldn't he like you?" the girl said.

"because im me." victoria said. then walked back into the room. i couldn't believe this. she doesn't think i could actually like her. she was amazing. probably the most amazing girl ive met. she was so... different. in the best of ways. she was so perfect.

"louis, this is my friend ashley." victoria said. ashley waved.

"hello, im louis." i said.

"i know." ashley said, and smiled. awkward silence filled the room, then ashley broke it.

"well i guess ill just leave you guys alone, give you your privacy." ashley said as she backed out of the room. i didnt want to let victoria know i heard the conversation so i kept my mouth shut.

"sooo....." victoria said, tunring slowly towards me. wow this was awkward. not because ashley came in the room, but because ashley walked in the room when i had put my arms around victoria. even that was a big move to make. we weren't even dating. i wanted to know more about her.

"hey... sit." i said, tapping her bed. she plopped down on the bed, waiting for me to say something.

"so... i want to know everything about you. if thats not too creepy." i said. she laughed. i just cant get over how cute her laugh is.

"like you family. tell me about your family." i said.

"well not mch to tell. my grandma died when i was 9 of lung cancer. then when i was 13 my uncle died of aids, as you know. then my dad died of lung cancer when i was 15. my brother commited suicide when i was 17. then my mom left. i went to live with ashley for 2 years, then we moved here." she said, her voice got a little shakey at the end. wow. thats a lot to take in. i felt so bad. i couldnt even imagine what its like hvaing everyone you love, die.

"wow... im so sorry. how did you cope, if you dont mind me asking?" i said.

"i cut myself. a lot. it was the only thing that seemed to get my mind off things. well writing was an escape too, and music, but i guess that wasnt enough to keep my mind off things." she said quietly. i couldnt resist. i pulled up the sleeves on both of her arms, exposing all her cuts. i stared at her cuts for a few seconds. it hurt to know that such an amazing girl, hurt herself this way. she was hurting so bad. and i couldnt stand to see a girl so wonderful, in so much pain and misery. in that instant i leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. she looked up and smiled.

"so.. how was school for you?" i asked.

"honestly, it was hell..." she said. i was sad at her response. i would have hoped she enjoyed something in her life. even if it was something as boring as school.

"why?" i asked.

"i had one friend, that was ashley. everyone told me i should just go kill myself... everyday.. no guys liked me. when i finally did get a boyfriend, he broke up with me because he found out i cut myself. he thought i was an ugly freak after that." she said. in all honesty her life sucked. i felt so bad. and he was an ass for thinking she was any less beautiful with the cuts. i had to say something.

"well their all asses. those people who bullied you. their asses. the guy that broke your heart because you cut, hes an ass too. you're beautiful, regardless of cuts." i said in a serious tone. she then looked up and kissed me on the cheek. A huge smile spread across my face. i then looked over at her phone lying on the bed. it lit up with a message with an unknown number.

it read: hey victoria, its liam, i found a piece of paper with your number on it in louis's room. so hi.

i got so mad. not only was he now texting her, but he went into my room. i was so mad. fury was burning inside me. she picked up her phone and texted something back. i was curious on what she wrote back.

"ill be right back, i have to go talk to ashley." she said getting up, tossing her phone on the bed. right when she left the room i picked up her phone and read the message she sent.

it read: oh hey.

i was pretty happy. he probably thinks shes not that interested. i mean, i got a kiss on the cheek, im doing pretty good considering how long we've known each other. POINT LOUIS.

she then walked back in and smiled. 

"hey." she said. i know this wasnt smart planning but it just slipped out.

"will you go out with me?" i asked. it just slipped out.

"what?" she said. well i cant take back what i said now.

"will you go out with me? like on a date?" i said, hoping she would say yes.

"yes." she said. all of the sudden, my phone rang. it was liam. i answered.

"hey, we have rehersal. see you in a few minutes." he said then hung up.

"shoot, sorry, ive gotta go. liam called, we have rehersal. look um is 7:00 tonight ok?" i asked.

"yeah thats perfect." she said, smiling.

"see you tonight." i said, hugging her goodbye. i walked out he door and back to my house. i walked in the door and i saw my ex girlfriend Eleanor sitting on the couch with liam watching tv. Eleanor looked up at me and smiled. oh boy...

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