would you love me still?

Victoria and her best friend Ashley move to London. once settled in, vicky goes on a morning run in a near by park when she runs into Louis tomlinson. it was love at first sight. their relationship blossoms hitting a few bumps on the road.

hope you enjoy c:


4. first date.

*sorry i just had to through this in there, but i apologize for the extremely uncreative titles. once more shit starts happening ill have more creative titles.*

"what are you doing here Eleanor?" i barked, a bit annoyed.

"just because we broke up doesnt mean i cant hang out with liam anymore." she snapped. i just scolded her and walked upstairs. i locked the door behind me and plopped down on my bed. a sense of sleepyness overwhelmed me, so i dozed of into a nap. before i knew it, my nap was over. i glared at the clock next to my bed and my eyes snapped open.


the clock read. i hopped out of bed, tripping over random shit in my room, trying to get to my dresser to get ready.

right when i reached the dresser, i just stopped. an old picture of me and eleanor was perfectly propped up on my dresser. i took the picture in my hands, squeezed it for a moment,. then tore it to shreds. i was done with eleanor. i had a new girl who i was more than ready to start a relationship with.


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